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Competitions !

Been a busy past few weeks with a few competitions one after the other, the first comp being the Shred Down Austrian Masters Slopestyle in Westendorf. The comp went over two days again the first day was on the rails and then the second day on the jumps. The first day went pretty good got my run on the rails, cab 1 back 3, back blunt 270 out, front board 270 that run put me 2nd overall, then on the jumps the next day I did, cab double 9 to back 7, then cab double 9 to back double 10 but just did a little but check on the 10 but still landed it. They added the scores up and I won the rookie category and the overall category so I was pretty stoked to win both!

Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image

The next comp was the Spring Battle over in Flachauwinkl this year was the first time the comp had done open qualifications so why not go and give it a go. They built a decent sized jump at the top and there were some pretty good riders in the qualis, I had coach Billy Morgan there helping me out he was invited so I wanted to get through to ride with him I managed to land back double 10 in the comp and that put me in 9th to qualify through to the semis so that made my day! The next day was training for all the invited riders I landed my back 10 again and Billy did back triple 14 to get through to the finals. I ended up 17th overall which isn’t to bad with all the guys who were there, Billy ended up winning it with a back triple 16 which was perfect so huge well done to him!!!

My runs from qualis:

YouTube Preview Image

The most recent comp was the Vans Hi-Standard on Saturday here in Mayrhofen, it was such a fun comp nothing over a 7 on the jump and all based on style and then a rail jam on the stairset, all the Vans UK crew were out so it was fun riding with all them again. I managed to win the overall category here as well so it was a pretty good day, won some money and had a awesome day what more could you want! We filmed an edit the day before because the weather was meant to come in so we played it safe and filmed that day instead, hope you enjoy it !

Heres the video from the comp:

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Austrian Shred Down Masters

Last Friday was the first day of competition of the Austrian Shred Down Masters Slopestyle in Westendorf. The format was the first day was the jumps and the second day was the rails, the weather was perfect for the jump day, it was so hot and super slushy meaning it was a bit slower into the jumps. We did our practice and then we had three runs to get the best run possible. The jump course was a box into two jumps, my best run was board-slide to switch, cab 9, back 7 and I landed that first run so I was happy about that I then just took it easy on the next two runs and did cab under-flips off the first jump. The next day was rubbish weather it was really cloudy and snowing but it was OK because it was rails and the line was down flat down, down rail and then an up rail or a wall ride my best run was gap to board-slide, cab 270, switch board-slide on the up rail. I came first in my category which is the under 18’s which I was super stoked with as it was my second win at this competition! I also ended up 5th overall!  Here are some photos and the video from the event.

This is the video of the whole event

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This is the video of my runs

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Shred Down Austrian Masters Slopestyle @ Westendorf :)

They replaced me with a picture !

Went over to Westendorf last weekend to do the under 18’s Slopestyle at the Austrian Masters, format was pretty cool – day 1 was Jib day … so just riding the rails and then day 2 was jumps day, 2 jumps, the second one was huge (check out the pic) !

Having done my runs we had to leave early, so couldn’t stay for prize giving ….. later that evening my dad got an email saying I’d won !!

The weather was amazing all weekend and it was such a rad comp, great standard of riding and super chilled, so stoked I won 🙂

Mone put together this little edit of some of the footage they got – thanks Mone !

The second jump - big bertha

Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam :)

Yesterday I went to the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam at the Sane Rinn Jib Park in Austria with Chris Chatt, Ross Needham and my dad. When we got there it was just a small hill with one poma lift and a few rails, the setup was a down bar, donkey kink and a down flat down. It was a super fun setup and the rails were a bit wonky but were really nice and weren’t sticky. I was in the under 15’s category and it was a 15 minute jam session and you had to hit all three rails and the best trick on each rail got counted so I did front board on the down rail, back lip and 50-50 front 3 out on the donkey kink and nose press on the down flat down which got me through to the final.

Chatt and Ross both killed it in their heat but only Ross got through to the final. In the under 15’s final it was the same format as the qualification so I did front board on the down rail, 50-50 back 3 on the donkey kink and nose press and front board on the down flat down. I came first in my category which I was stoked about and won some Volcom and Electric stuff and then I won best rider of the day which I was even more stoked about and won 50 euros another pair of goggles and an invite to the finals in Avoriaz!!! Also Ross came 5th overall so well done Ross. Back in Mayrhofen now but the weather isn’t meant to great but we will see also I have got a comp this week which is the Austrian masters in Westendorf which will be fun!

Shred Down Austrian Masters, Tignes and Wangl Tangl!!!

At the weekend Beckna told me that there was a comp on in Westendorf which I could go to and compete at. We arrived late and luckily I managed to get five practice runs in which I was stoked about. The course was a box into 2 jumps which were really good fun. My first run was really bad because I bailed on it, but then I landed my second run but I didn’t hold the grab for long enough on the 7, then finally I got the run I wanted which was Half-Cab 5-0, Back 3 Tail Grab and Back 7 Mute so I was stoked about because it was the first proper 7 I have done since breaking my collarbone! So in the rookies (under 18’s) I came 5th out of 11 overall so I am pretty stoked!

Then After That I went over to Tignes with Beckna to check it out. It was a ten hour drive so we got up early I was knackered, any way when we got there we unpacked and had food and then straight to bed. The next day I saw the Xgames course and Hamish, Jamie and Jenny. Then I went riding in the Tignes park with Ben Kilner and Scott McMorris which was a fun really day just messing around  jibbing on the rails! The day after that I went riding with Mark Ruparelia for the day which was fun the weather was really bad it was really windy and bad light but we made the most out of it! Also whilst we were there Thrashmore was there building a mini-ramp which broke straight away! We then went back the next day.

We managed to get back in time for the Wangl Tangl team skate battle which was amazing to watch so many sick skaters people going huge doing big methods and stalefishes! But in the end the english team won it and they were by far the best team out there they were doing the same tricks side by side it was sick!!!