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Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen Edit

Last week there were some really good weather days where the conditions were perfect to ride jumps QParks were up there for a day filming everyone riding jumps and rails, there are a couple of pros in this edit such as, Werni Stock, Peter Konig and Jamie Nicholls he definitely kills it in this edit I got a shot in it as well of me doing a front ten at 2:03 check it out it’s a sick edit

The past few days have been really good here as well I have been riding with Jamie Nicholls and Kate Ormerod got some good runs on the kickers like cab 9 front ten and cab 9 back ten so pretty happy about that! It’s snowing now so a bit of powder this week hopefully ! 🙂

Hotzone Groms Open


On Sunday it was the Hotzone Groms Open in Mayrhofen in the Vans Penken Park. We had an hour of training and the course was down rail/box and two jumps, the weather was pretty rubbish during practice really flat light so couldn’t see a lot but when the practice finished the clouds burned off and it was perfect conditions! The qualifications was a jam format and the judges said they wanted to see style more than anything so, I just did as many runs as I could doing the most stylish tricks I could. They put the top eight riders through to the final in a three run best run counts format. My best run was cab 270 to regs, frontside under-flip into a cab 9 in the end that was enough to get me first place overall, 400 euros, Vans outerwear and an invite to the World Rookie Fest Finals in Ischgl! The video of the comp will be out pretty soon! My next comp is the Rookie Fest in Livingo hope it’s not to cold and the weather is nice 🙂

Back in the Hoff

I came back to Mayrhofen a few days ago and it had dumped loads! It snowed for two days non stop when we got back so there was a lot of powder, I went and rode the baby tour hopping off the side into some knee deep powder! Archie got a snowboard for Christmas so he is learning how to snowboard up at the Ahorn and he is doing pretty good check out the video.Today was a fun day because it wasn’t cloudy or flat light it was sunny so I could hit the medium line, they are really nice the first one wasn’t shaped to good but still I did some stunts off it I did some cab 5 to front 7 which was fun. They still haven’t put out all the park yet but at the bottom of this page is the park plan.

Katie Ormerod came out as well today she came up at lunch time so we rode the park for a bit and then when the shade came in we went and built a little backflip jump into some powder which was quite fun we each did a backflip off it then we had to go down. I also did a frontflip that I pretty much landed which I was stoked about because it was my first one! The Hotzone Groms Open comp is on Friday but I’m not sure if it will happen because it’s meant to snow loads in the next few days.

Click this picture to get a bigger view !

Here is the Vans Penken Park Plan



Vans Welcome To The Team!

This week has been a really really warm week so no jackets just hoodies it is sick! Also this week this sick pic was taken by Greg Stevens and then used for this!


Also Jonny Russel got this on Method Mag which is SICK!



Back on it!!!

The past two days I have been properly riding park and doing stunts. Friday was sick it was bluebird and 8 degrees and really slushy I rode with Chris Chatt, Jamie Nicholls, David Van Gessel and John Weaver we found the best line in the park and just did that all day it was so much fun! My dad came up and took some photos which look sick!

Then yesterday was fun again we did the same line and I rode with Chatt and Jamie again. It was slushy and red hot again it was a sick day I also learnt blunt to regs on the down bar which I was pleased about.

Here are a few pics that my dad took:


Weaver tweaking out a method!
Me frontside nosepress
Chatt also doing a sick method!
Jamie impressing the locals!
David doing an old school handplant!