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Hintertux with Tyler Chorlton and The Boardtest!

The past 2 weeks have been really good fun I went up to Hintertux and met Tyler Chorlton up there we rode all day which was really good fun it was the first time I have rode with him so I was stoked!!! We were just cruising on the mediums because the big jumps weren’t ready yet so we just did some 5’s and 7’s, also whilst we were up there my dad took pics and got some video and he got some sick shots (pics at bottom of this post)!

Then last week it was the Boardtest which was way better than last year because the weather was so warm this year! The rail setup was insane it was about ten rails in a row which so much fun also they had two quite big jumps which were good fun. Most of the week I rode the rail line because it was so slushy for the jumps but also some days we got up early to ride the jumps so there was enough speed to clear it. I tested a few boards out which were good fun I tried the Stepchild Joe Sexton which is really soft so it was really easy to press and fun to ride. After that I tried the Lib Tech Mini Skate Banana which was also really soft but it was a fun board to ride. During the week I did a day photos with Whitelines on the jumps and then we built a little jump for a rock drop and got some shots on that so hopefully I got some shots! Also on the Sunday it was the Whitelines Rail Jam which was so much fun apart from hiking the rails in the hot weather, the setup was a down bar and a donkey kink.

I hit the the donkey the whole time just trying to get different tricks on it in the end I managed to get back lip, back board, front board and 50-50 back 3 out so I was stoked and then I managed to get through to the final which I was even more stoked about, but in the final I couldn’t get the tricks I wanted so I was a bit gutted also well done to Chris Chatt who came 3rd overall! It was a fun week apart from smashing my head on a rail on the last day so that was the only down to the week.

Here is a little video of a couple of tricks from the day with Tyler:

And here are a couple of pics:


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Les Deux Alpes One Snowboarding camp!

On Thursday I got the train from York with Hamish McKnight to Dover, we then met Dan Wakeham and got the ferry to Calais and drove over to Les Deux Alpes for the One Snowboarding summer camp. Then on the Saturday I went up to the mountain with Nelson Pratt and Jack Shackleton. We had a look at the park and rode around then went back down. On the first proper day up the mountain we rode some pipe and the slopestyle kickers, also we met Danny Kass which was amazing!!!

Tuesday we did the same thing but rode the superpipe instead of the baby pipe which was really steep but it was good fun as well. Then I hit the kickers and got back 3 to front 3 on the slopestyle kickers – check out this video:

On the Wednesday we met Tyler Chorlton which was sick and we did the same stuff again but I got bigger air out of the pipe which I was pleased about. On the Thursday I did 3 out of the 4 fives and also learnt cab 540 switch indy which I’m stoked about! Then on Friday I got the the biggest I have  ever gone out of the pipe. Also I got cab 5’s of a bigger kicker and the we sessioned a c-box which was good fun. On the afternoons we do different activities like volleyball and football and loads more also there is a swimming pool with a ledge which is good fun to do flips and spins off.

Check out this video of my cab 5 🙂