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Flachauwinkl Spring Battle

I was super stoked to get invited to the Spring Battle this year to ride with some seriously good snowboarders like Seppe Smits! The weather wasn’t great it was snowing the whole comp but it was still fun. I managed to land a back 7 in the conditions but the level of riding was crazy switch back 10’s and doubles were being thrown it was insane! Even though all these trick were going down I managed to get 14th which I am pretty happy with! Also I had my own room to myself with a sauna and a balcony it was sick I had so much fun there and would love to go the comp again!!! Here is one of my runs and some of the best runs of the day

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Hintertux and Freeze!

Me looking at the scariest jump I have ever hit!

All of October I went up to Hintertux with the GB team and it was sick! The whole park is amazing up there especially the pro line two big mellow jumps in a row. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good for the month but on the days that we did get to ride it was rad. On the jumps I did some backside  3’s, 5’s and 7’s and also some frontside 3’s, 5’s and 7’s which I was stoked about because it was my first time spinning frontside on big jumps and I also got backside 7 to frontside 7 which was rad! Also on the medium jumps I learnt switch back 5’s which I have never done before so I was

Me on the Big Screen!

stoked. Most of the time I was riding with Jamie Nicholls also I rode with Matt McCormick when he came out for a few days. During the last week Katie Ormerod came out and stayed with me so I rode with her some days on the mediums, she was riding sick as well. Then last Thursday I went to London Freeze Festival and we stayed in a pimping apartment. That night we went out and had the best steak in the world at a place called Santa Maria Del Sur. Then on Friday I rode in the Battle of Britain competition we only got 3 practice runs and on my second practice run I caught an edge and landed on the knuckle on my back but it didn’t hurt but it shook


me up a bit but I got back up and did it again. Then in the comp I did a method which everyone seemed to love so I was happy and I am glad that I did it. Dom Harington was there and he rode really well he got 2nd in the comp he also rode well in Hintertux when he stayed with me he was trying back double 10’s and almost landed them well done Dom. Also I got some rad new goggles from Adidas to wear in the comp they are the Adidas ID2 Pure they are sick thanks Adidas! On the Saturday it was the FIS comp and there was some sick riding just basically doubles every run. Ben Kilner did a sick back double 10 which he stomped and got through to the final. Jamie did the same trick and got through to the final as well! In the final Ben didn’t land his double but Jamie landed a back double 10 and a cab 10 and managed to get 4th well done to Ben and Jamie. The top 3 were Joris Ouwerkerk in 3rd then Seppe Smits in 2nd and Janne Korpi in first.

Tomorrow I am going to Kaunertal for the day with Tom West, Mark Ruparelia and some others then Stubai on Thursday its gonna be sick. But then I have to go back to school the week after which sucks!

Ben Kilner with the double of the day!
Jamie sending it to the finals!


2 Weeks Left!!!

1 week has past and it has been a good week. I went to Ispo and saw all the new Vans Outerwear and Casual wear and everything looks so sick!!! Also I went to see everyone else like Grenade, Adidas, Stepchild and Giro. Whilst I was at the Stepchild stand I met Sean Johnson who is the person who setup and owns Stepchild so it was really cool to meet him. Also when I was there I met Danny Kass which was pretty cool I was stoked! Everyones gear looks amazing for next season 🙂

Also this week I went to watch the Munich Air and Style which was better than Innsbruck! First it was the final of the Nike 6.0 Stair set Battle which was an amazing comp to watch Jamie Nicholls was in it and he was killing it with some sick tricks like cab 270 gap on the down flat down and then the trick that got him 2nd place front blunt danish back on back one out which was stomped. Also tricks like cab over 270 to regs were getting thrown down. Well done Nicholls!

Then there was the Air and Style which was pretty good. Peetu won it with a cab 12 and Seppe came 2nd with a cab 12 and Halldor came 3rd with a back double 10. There was an amazing standard Seb Toots doing cab double 12’s and Halldor trying back double rodeo 10 japan which was mental. It was crazy! Werni Stock did some sick switch back 12’s and some front double 10’s and the smashed his head on the rail which looked horrible. Overall both comps were amazing to watch!

The next two weeks will be full of boredom 🙁

Pretty Big!

Some Very Good News and Some Pretty Bad News!

So the past few weeks have been good. I just got hooked up top to toe with Vans which I am super stoked about, all their outerwear is amazing, the boots rock and I am stoked to be part of their team! (Big thanks to Animal for all their support in the past).

Also the past two days I went to watch the Innsbruck Air and Style. On Friday night it was the Burn Rail Jam which Jonny Russel was competing in, it was really good to see him and he rode soooo well (front one on cab 3 out on a donkey kink!!!), Chloe Palmer was there as well so it was good to see her 🙂 Then the next day it was the big air comp, first it was the Rookie Challenge which Jamie Nicholls was competing in he did really well landing a back 10 double cork and coming third (get in there Jamie !!!). Then it was the main comp which was amazing to watch, Sage Kotsenberg landed a cab double cork 1440 and Seppe Smits landed a cab 1440 as well, so it was a high standard of riding but in the end Mark McMorris won with a cab double cork 1260.

But then today I went up with my dad to ride and we did a run and then went over to the park where we saw Chris Chatt and James Thorne who were doing backflips out the pipe, we went down there and I went and tried one and landed on my shoulder and broke my collar bone which sucks so I am out for 3 weeks basically doing nothing 🙁 My dad kindly took some pics of me in pain …..