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1st ever European Winter X Games !!!

I got through the quicksilver radar to w atch the so a massive   to everyone who voted!!! So we got a late ferry to Rotterdam which was ok then we drove from there to Tignes. when we got there we met Guilhem who is the guy who runs the Radar comp, but he didn’t have the key to the apartment so we had to sleep at his house. Then in the morning we packed the car again and drove to our apartment. It took us an hour to find the apartment because we didn’t have the right key 🙁 We got up the mountain and got our bearings again. We met my uncle Nigel and and Jason Rickwood. We then got to go and meet the pro quicksilver riders: Torah Bright, Travis Rice, Hampuss Mossesson and loads more, whilst we were chilling with the pros my board got stolen …. gutted, luckily we had my old dryslope board in the car so we had to buy some new bindings and use that board which sucked.

The next day was comp day we rode the Tignes park in the morning which was a good park it was also really long so it was fun we did some filming in that park and then went to the quicksilver tent for lunch and to watch the mens slopestyle final. Then we  went to the quicksilver park and practised on the kicker for the comp which was fun during the comp we got towed up on a ski doo which was so fun 🙂 After that we went to the X Games tent and got our prizes.

The next day we rode the Tignes park again with all the kids from the comp which was good fun we got some filming done as well with a Spanish kid called Bing Voorhem. We rode that all day which was good fun they opened the big kickers which were about 8ft gap or something like that. Also whiles filming my Dad lost his phone for about 2 hours he then rang it and it was the Norwegian kid who was staying in our room who had found it so he was lucky 🙂 Then in the evening we went to Torah Bright’s Olympic party put on by Quicksilver for winning gold which was fun.

I’m now in Laax for The Brits, been here a week and its been pretty cool riding the big slopestyle kickers 🙂 Its a bit slushy now so fingers crossed for some snow !

Here’s the video we made in the Tignes park and also the quicksilver video (check me out with Travis Rice!!):)

And here is the quicksliver video from the event, check me out chilling with Travis Rice !!!

Black Eyes, Bloody Lips, Bad Shoulders, Back 7’s and Saas Fee!

Bad lip On Thursday we went to Morzine for the third time, we took Sam Turnbull out with us. When we got to Geneva we got a transfer to Samee and Jon from More Mountains house who let use there spare room (thanks!). Friday was the first day riding we went to the park and the pipe with Sam which was fun. Then in the afternoon we got to ride lots of powder which was really fun it was about thigh deep which was the deepest I’ve ever been in. My dad took some amazing falls and got his head buried which was funny!!!

Then the next morning was amazing, it was bluebird and I managed to get corked back 5’s and backside 720’s dialed which i’m really stoked about!!! Then in the afternoon we rode the pipe for a bit and because it snowed again we rode off piste in the powder again. We found a good off piste kicker but the landing was into a ditch, Sam did it first and said don’t do it but I did it anyway and on landing kneed myself in the face and bit all my lip. At the end of the day my lip had turned purple and had a big ulcer on it 🙁 Also that evening Quicksilver sent me an email to say that I got through to the qualifications for their Radar competition which I was stoked about:)

Next day it was bluebird again so we rode the park I did a back 7 but caught my toe edge and landed on to my face so I bit my lip again, got a black eye, a bleeding nose and a bad shoulder. After that we rode for a bit and then went to the pipe. I took it easy for the rest of the day just being safe so I didn’t land on my shoulder again.

Then it was the last day of riding  so I took it easy again so I didn’t injure myself for the Quicksilver comp. We rode the park and then after that we rode the pipe for a bit and I got the biggest I had ever been out of the pipe which was really cool! Then we did some more runs and we did some powder runs aswell. Also my dad learnt how to do 180’s on the piste which he is stoked about.

On Tuesday we drove from Morzine to Geneva to Saas Fee for the Quicksilver competition, when we arrived we weren’t allowed to go into Saas Fee because it is a car free town. We parked the car and took our bags into Saas Fee we then got a funky little van which was electric powered to the hotel. We rode in the afternoon of the next day mostly in the park most of the day just to see what it was like.

The next day it was the comp we met at the lift and got interviewed for the cameras and we then went to the park and got filmed on a few obstacles but not many it was fun though meeting new kids and riding with them. We then went back to the hotel and got some stickers and T-shirts they also gave us some goggles and a bandanna. My video will be on the Quicksilver site soon and I will put a link so you can watch it and PLEASE vote for me to win a trip to the European X Games in Tignes

Last day we shredded, we went to the top of the glacier and rode all the way down to the bottom without stopping and waiting for anyone which was fun we also got some pictures in the park on the big rainbow rail which was fun. Then we did some more runs through the park and on the piste and then we went back to the hotel packed and drove to Geneva and now I am back home for a few weeks before heading out to Laax for the Brits 🙂

Roxy Rainbow Saas Fee