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Another sunny day! (7th October)

Today was another sick bluebird day the sun was shining. I am totally stoked about today because I was spinning of both kickers and also today I got some back 7’s with grabs of the second medium jump which I am soooo stoked about 🙂 Also today I did some cab 5’s of the small jumps and I rode the whole day switch so I can hit bigger jumps switch without falling or carving up the lip on the take off. Also today I saw Paddy Graham who is a skier that rides for animal and I also saw Andy Nudds and Billy Morgan. There are so many pros here today I people like Marko Grilc, Peetu Piiroinen, Antti Autti and so many more !! Ipod a.k.a Iouri Podladtchikov threw down a switch backside double cork 1080 which is sick. I am so stoked to be out here seeing all these pros and learning new tricks I just don’t want to go home and back to school 🙂

Animal Videocasts

Couple of videocasts from Animal have just come out, both done by Johno Verity, both are brilliant and they both feature me (and some of the other Animal team) 🙂

Check em out below (and the tiny blue jacket was a sample I had to wear for some photos !!! It’s not one I will be wearing again unless I get a bigger one !!!) 🙂

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Last weekend of the seaon in Morzine!

IMG_0448Last Friday me and my dad went to Morzine to meet up with Dom Harrington. When we got to the chalet we were staying in there was no one there so we got changed outside and went up the mountain, it was red hot so it was T-shirt and hoodies all weekend. We got back to the chalet moved our bags to our room and chilled. Dom arrived at 10:30 from Chamonix.

next day we met up with Kate Foster and Dan Milner and then went up the mountain we waited for Paddy Graham and Johno Verity for ages but they turned up late. We went to the Stash and had a quick look through to see what was good to hit and get good pics on. First we hit a wall ride got some good pics on that, then we hit the up down rail and then moved on and  hit loads more stuff and got loads more pics which are sick!!!

The next day we went riding with Duncan and Amy for the day we went and saw this massive kicker also on the way up on the chair lift Dom perforated his eardrum so he couldn’t ride for the rest of the day. So me Dunc and my dad rode the park for the rest of the day. In the evening we had a table tennis tournament which was fun to do. The next day we left Treeline Chalets (thanks for letting us stay Dunc and Amy !!) and came back home. It was an amazing weekend.

Little video we made, just playing about with Premiere really …. but some action from the table tennis comp in there 🙂