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At the start of December I flew to America with Jamie Nicholls and Nick Atkins and stayed there until the 23rd with the GB team. At the start of the trip the weather wasn’t that good so we just had to ride the rails but they were lacking on snow so the bad was in the end a benefit. Will Nangle was also out there and I spent a day filming with him in Keystone and the edit will be out soon! Me and Jamie also went and hit a perfect street spot with Nangle filming and Nick Atkins taking photos it was a sick session on a down bar and donkey kink next to each other and we got some sick shots on film and photos!

The rails.

About three days before I left I tried a standing back flip which I had already done before but this time I fell on my face and bit my lip pretty bad and had to get stitches so stupid haha! Also the last couple of days were the best weather and they had a really nice jump a Keystone so I went there and I learnt cab 10’s so I was stoked that I learnt a new trick after being in hospital. On the last day me and Billy Morgan did a couple of laps through the rails filming with the new GoPro 3 the edit is at the bottom 🙂 I flew back to Mayrhofen on Christmas Eve and had a sick day riding the pistes and got some cool presents as well! New Years Eve is always a good one here a crazy amount of fireworks!

Happy New Year 🙂




Sun is out ! (6th October)

The past few days haven’t been very good because the weather was really bad which meant that not much really happened apart from on the windy day I jumped in the river which was glacier water which was really cold. But today was sick because you could see the park and you could hit the kickers which were sick. Also the other night Hamish McKnight, Jenny Jones, Nick Atkins, Ben Kilner and Jo Howard all arrived. I only hit the mediums today because it was so hot it was all slushy and the snow at the restraunt had all melted away ! I did some back 3’s and back 5’s off them which I am stoked about. At about midday it got slow and I couldn’t clear the kickers. Also on the pro line people were busting out huge tricks like double back rodeo 1o’s and double corks and I saw a backside 1260 which looked sick. Should be good tomorrowbecause it is going to be sunny again which means that it will be kickers all day which will be sick!!!

One Snowboarding camp in Morzine

DSC_0025So last Sunday me, Faye Young, Jordan Gee and my dad flew from Liverpool airport to go to Geneva. When we got to Geneva airport half of it was shut because of a bomb scare which meant we had to walk all the way around the airport to get to the taxi which was rubbish ! I fell asleep in the taxi and when i woke up the first thing I said was ‘ SNOW ‘. When we got to the chalet we met Danny McCormick, Gregor Samuels, Calum Paton, Jen, Mark Raper and Ollie Jackson. We went and unpacked in are room and had some tea (which were amazing all through the week).

Day 1 we woke up at 7:30 got ready had breakfast and met Dan Wakeham after breakfast we finished getting ready put our boots on and packed our boards into the minibus but me and my dad and some others got into the other car, I had to sit in the boot because I was the smallest ! When we got to the lift it was packed with people which made it a bit cramped. We got off the lift strapped our boards on and road down to the park chair lift. When we got ot the top of that chair we rode to the park and I was the first person to hit the boxes which felt really nice then I hit the kickers which were the best kickers I have ever hit. When I got used to the kickers I started spinning of them and got my back 5’s dialed. We rode down to a local supermarket to have lunch then in the afternoon we just rode around the mountain and did some off piste which was amazing fun. At the end of the day we got picked up went home chilled and got into the hot tub.

Day 2 was a nice bluebird day with good visibility for the park and the kickers were just as good. I rode the kickers most of the day and I got back 5’s to cab 3’s and I also got a couple of back 7’s which I am really stoked about. After we had tea that evening Dan and Hamish Mcknight (who was one of the other coaches) came and talked about bio-mechanics with us it was about the technical side of snowboarding which was very interesting and makes you think a lot more about why and how stuff happens.

Day 3 Will Nangle did a video of me we which is amazing and has been put on Whitelines !! (and is embedded at the bottom of this post), also on the same day I learnt hand-plants which were quite hard to do but fun at the same time. after doing hand plants we moved on to do a trick tip video for Mpora on how to do a front-side board-slide which was fun we used a follow cam and and some pictures which are sick.

Day 4 started well with clear skies, we went up on a chair lift and did some more off piste with Dan which was really fun . After that we went to the park which was fun again but then it started to go dull and it wasn’t  good visibility for while but it got better so I worked more on my 7’s and 5’s. After lunch we hit the rails (mostly the flat down rail) which was smooth and really nice to hit.

Day 5 we took the chair lift up again but we couldn’t go to the same off piste spot as yesterday because it was a white out which wasn’t good and meant we couldn’t spend much time in the park either. After a few runs  we went to get some lunch from a cafe called Changabang which did nice food (but was well expensive!). After that most people went down to the chalet apart from me, my dad, Gregor’s dad Mark and Gregor. We found an off piste run through knee deep powder and through trees which was really fun, also on the same run we found a log that could be used as a rail which was fun to hit. Then when we got back Mark had built a kicker up to a balcony to stall on, but I found a bomb drop of the balcony which was fun my dad got some sick pics of it and he rang Nick Atkins who came came round to take some pics of it and he got some amazing pics. Then we did another drop which was about 20ft which looked fine until you got up there to do it but when you looked at the drop it was quite scary, again Nick got some wicked pics of this that I can’t wait to share 🙂 Also Dan and Hamish came round again to tell us about what judges look for and after that we made a list of what to do and Dan and Hamish would judge the runs.

Day 6 was the last day of riding which sucked because the week went so quick but it was a good day we went to the park to practise our judging runs and then we did them but the first kicker in the park had been made 6ft bigger which was annoying because we had made our runs around the kickers throughout the whole week. but we carried on with it anyway I did some 7’s of it and some 5’s. Then after we did our kicker competition runs we went back to the Changabang for lunch and then back to the park for our competition rail runs which were fun and after that the weather was getting really bad so we went back down to the chalet. That evening we built a kicker and a pole jam and we sessioned them for a while then we went back in and watched Neverland and some Family Guy.

Day 7 we went to Stew’s house (Stew did all the camp official videos) to see his video suite and some of the videos he had done of the One Snowboarding camp and the we went to town but there was nothing to buy there so we went back to the chalet and then we got picked up to be taken to Geneva airport when we were there we looked around the airport shops and we had something to eat. Then when we got onto the plane and then I remembered that we forgot to bring the gifts on with us and it was snowing so much they closed the runway for 3 hours and then they had to deice the plane which took about 45 minutes which was really annoying. When we got to Liverpool Barry took us back to his house to get our car and then went home.

Overall it was an amazing camp with amazing accommodation and it really was fun + I learnt some new tricks which is always a bonus !! The review of the camp on the One Boarding site can be found here and here on the More Mountain site.

Anyways it’s Xmas eve and I’m lucky enough to be going back out to Morzine on the 27th, so I best go chill with the family.

Happy Xmas eveyone 🙂