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Winter Mash, Glemmbang Slopestyle and New Trick!

In February two comps happened in pretty much the same week at the same resort which was Saalbach Hinterglem. The first comp they had was the Winter Mash which used to be the Wangl Tangl in Mayrhofen. It was a really fun contest as it was a team event and two people in a team, also the it all took place during night which was even cooler! I went with Tobi Strauss another Vans rider but unfortunately he injured himself during practice so I then got paired up with Michi Macho whose partner also got injured during practice. We made it all the way to the semi finals and then got knocked out by team KBR from Finland and in that team was Sami Luhtanen and Janne Lipsanen so some pretty good riders. All the riders decided to split the prize money so each rider got 410 euros!

YouTube Preview Image

The next event was the weekend after which was the Glemmbang Slopestyle in Saalbach again Drew Stevenson invited me to the finals so I went along and had a really good time. The course was the same as the Winter Mash course which was, down rail, kicker, kicker or up pipe, wall-ride and then a bunch of boxes at the end. First everyone had to do semi finals to get into the final and it was a jam format and the best two runs counted so I got my two runs out of the way as fast as possible so I could chill for a bit and my first run was half cab 5-0 to back 7 to front 7, nose press the top of the wall then gap back lip on the A frame box then alley oop 3 nose tap on the red bull can. My next run was cab 1 on back 1 off to cab 9, front 7 and then the same rails again. Those two runs qualified me in first place for the finals, the finals was a 1 hour jam session and your best run counted and I think my best run was cab 1 on back 1 off to cab 9, front 7, 50-50 back 3 off on the wall-ride, gap back lip alley oop 3 nose tap. I ended up winning best rookie and the overall event and I won 1000 euros STOKED!!!

I also learnt cab double 9’s the other day that I have wanted to do for ages and finally manned up and did it didn’t take to long to land so check it out


Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen Edit

Last week there were some really good weather days where the conditions were perfect to ride jumps QParks were up there for a day filming everyone riding jumps and rails, there are a couple of pros in this edit such as, Werni Stock, Peter Konig and Jamie Nicholls he definitely kills it in this edit I got a shot in it as well of me doing a front ten at 2:03 check it out it’s a sick edit

The past few days have been really good here as well I have been riding with Jamie Nicholls and Kate Ormerod got some good runs on the kickers like cab 9 front ten and cab 9 back ten so pretty happy about that! It’s snowing now so a bit of powder this week hopefully ! 🙂

Nike Chosen Series Hemel

Stole this from SCUK on Facebook not sure who took it but it's not a bad pic!

On Friday I drove from Truro to Hemel for the Nike Chosen Series first stop at Hemel. They had built a 13 metre kicker which is quite big for indoor! We were allowed on the slope at half six but couldn’t hit the jump so I had a few runs on the rails to warm up because I hadn’t ridden for nearly two months. I finally hit the jump when it opened and it was quite wippy. As the comp went on some good tricks were being put down Andy Nudds was rippng some front sevens off the toes and the heels, Sam Cullum was doing some crazy inverted back 7 nose grabs. I did some back 3 tail grabs and a back 7 tail grab and a couple of front threes. I managed to get into the final top ten with Jordan Gee, Andy Nudds, Angus Leith, Jesse Smith, Scott Penman, Marc McClement, Sam Cullum and others. In the final I did some back 3’s tried some back 7’s but couldn’t land them so I did a method instead and a couple of front 3 melons and some front 5’s which was good. Nuddsy did a massive front 10 and Jesse and Marc both did doubles! Jamie Nicholls didn’t turn up in the end as he was to busy doing snowboard stunts in Stuttgart! In the end Nuddsy won the overall and is now invited to the overall final. Going back to Mayrhofen soon but my dad managed to get an infection to a wound in his arm which sucks and has delayed us from going back 🙁

Vans Dawn Of The Shred!

On Friday me, my dad, Chris Chatt, Rich Hookes and Beckna all flew to Scotland for Vans Dawn of the Shred it was my first time back in the UK so it felt a bit weird. Every morning I would have sausage and beans which were really nice then I went up the mountain. On Saturday it was the comp we got up there and they were still shaping everything so we could only do some normal runs. It also started to get really windy up there and a bit cold so the fog kept coming and going. They finally opened the rails and we could ride them. Practice went on and then it came to the comp we did 2 kicker runs and then 1 rail run, my best kicker run was front 3 melon to back 3 tail the kickers were small so you couldn’t do much. Then on the rails I did back lip, tail-slide 270 out, 50-50 front lip and then 50-50 back 3 on the up rail and landed flat and fell. In the end  I came 2nd in my category so I was stoked!!! Well done to Sam Turnbull for winning the open category!


The next day I went up to meet Matt McCormick and Angus Trinder. Over night so many rocks had  come through they had to move the blue gas pipe so it was a flat pipe which sucked, because once you landed that you had to ollie a load of rocks and as soon as you landed you would be on the kicker for the next rail. I had such a fun last day just jibbing and messing around because everything was so sketchy then in the last half hour of the day me, Matt and Angus tried some stuff on the tyre I tried some back rodeos but kept washing out on them and Matt and Angus did some backflips I was stoked that I finally tried rodeos on a jump, it was such a fun day. In the evening we went round to Gregor Samuels house for some Haggis it was really good! Also it was really good to see Gregor walking around and chatting away, he was a guest judge aswell so he was walking around on the hill climbing up the landing of the jump doing all sorts which was really good to see! So a BIG thanks to the Samuels for an amazing tea!

I am back in the Hoff now and I checked the webcam and there is barely any snow left so the park is shut so it’s time to go up to Tux!

IRN BRU traditionally served with Haggis!!!

Brits Slopestyle!

On Friday it was the Protest Slopestyle which was a great day ! The course was a down bar, stall rail, down bar then a flat down box into 3 big kickers. On my first run I got all my rail tricks but then I bailed on the first big jump which I was a bit gutted about, but then I landed my 2nd run which was front board, frontside 50-50, back lip, gap noseslide, back 3, method and then a back 7 so I was stoked to land my run!

After that it was the mens qualifiers which was great to watch. They announced the 12 finalists and I qualified in 10th! We were only allowed 1 practice run which was rubbish because it had got cold and the jumps were slushy ice, it sucked. I didn’t want to do it because I knuckled the first jump and hurt my knee on the practice run but I did my first run anyway and landed it bolts so I was really really happy! We went to the bottom (in the lift cause my knee hurt so much) and got packed and then went to prize giving and I came 1st in my category and then I found out I came 5th overall I was so stoked!

We set off back to Mayrhofen with James Thorne and Chris Kightley and on the way the car broke so we had to go back to Laax which was rubbish, but we eventually got back to the Hoff. We went out to the Wald Cafe for a celebratory Schnitzel and its feeling good to be back home for some rest and to see my dog ! Great times in Laax, so stoked to see all my mates and meet a couple of my sponsors 🙂

HotZone.TV Groms Open

On Thursday it was the HotZone.TV Groms Open which was a fun comp to do. It wasn’t the best of light on the day but it started to get better the format changed from a two run qualifier to a jam session. I think my best run was front tail 270 out on the side on box, gap frontboard on the flat down box, front 3 melon, back 7 mute which I was so stoked to land that run. After that I tried cab 5 back 7 but I didn’t land the 7 very well but I was stoked to land the cab 5 because it was the first time I tried them of that kicker. Then in the end I came 2nd overall and first in the rookies so I am really stoked about that!!!

Here is the video of the comp  and the link to the write up (in German) and Pics …. 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Xmas and New Year !

I am back in Mayrhofen now and it is amazing 🙂 I have been riding the park and some piste it has been good fun. The park is sick they have loads of fun rails and two medium kickers and then three big           kickers I have done some threes, fives and sevens which is good off the mediums. Also today I hit the first big kicker and did some back 3’s off it. Also today I went to the top with Archie, Dad and Jordan Gee and rode all the way down and then Jordan had to carry Archie to the Penken lift so we could get down 🙂 The weather has been good for the past few days but it has also been cold I am having a good time out here the park is awsome and there are loads of good riders here I think its going to be a good season!

BIG Kickers!!! and rail session!

Yesterday was pretty sick the clouds were high up but the park was higher so it was good. I’m now only hitting the big kickers, I spun on my 3rd run which was a back 3 and then I did a few more of them off both kickers which I am pleased about and also the best part of the day was that I land two backside 7’s off the 2nd kicker which I am so stoked about!

Back 7 - Hintertux BetterPark

Sunday was rubbish weather but we made the most of it by sessioning the triple shotgun down bar which was quite long. I did some nose presses on it back lips, front boards, back blunts and more it was a fun session everybody joined in which made it a fun. So now everybody apart from me, my dad, Nate Kern and Claire Frost are the only people left but tomorrow Dom Harington comes out so it will be fun to ride with him for a few days 🙂

And lastly …. pretty stoked to get a mention in Jenny Jones’s blog, she’s been out here shredding with us for the past two weeks, its been amazing (and yes Jenny, biggest I ever hit by a long way)!!!

FBBB at Cas Vegas

Last week was another good week I went to Fax on the Tuesday and got two new tricks which are back 7 tail grab and cork back 7 mute which I was so stoked about. Faye and her dad were there as well taking few picks which was sick he got some pretty sick shots. Thursday was fun at Cas because the setup was good and also we sessioned the yellow gas pipe on the mini slope also we did a shredit which is pretty sick. Then on Friday it was FBBB at Cas which was a sick park two down bars and a sick kicker I got back 7’s of it and cab 5’s and more I rode with Jordan Gee all night. It was a sick night and they made a sick video, check out my cab 5 in the video below, 42 seconds in !