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New Snowboards!!!

The past two days it has been the Snowbombing competition up the mountain which has been really fun. Yesterday was the highest ollie comp, it was flat light but still a good session ! It was a whippy jump with a pole to clear and I think I managed to clear about 180cm which I was pretty amazed about ! They then raised it higher and it was to high so I just jumped into it and fell, Henry Jackson then asked the crowd if they wanted me to do it again and everyone just went YEAAAAAAAAHHHH! I went back up and it was even higher and just jumped into it again. Then it was the water slide so I dressed up as Batman and went for it, it was so much fun doing cab 1 into it !!!!

How Hot!!!

Then today it was cash for tricks, everyone just had fun doing some fun tricks and all the bombers were bailing. One guy really hurt himself and had to go off in a helicopter which was pretty bad so they closed the jump and opened the waterslide and I  won 5 euros on it and I won 5 euros on the jump so in the day I won 10 euros YAY! Also this week a big box arrived and inside was 3 new Stepchild snowboards!!! Thanks alot Stepchild!

It has started to turn into summer now with temperatures nearly reaching 30 degrees,  so up the hill all the snow is melting and it is never cold anymore, I think its time to head up to Hintertux! Then tomorrow I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning to get a flight from Munich to Gatwick and then to Inverness for Dawn of the Shred, gonna drink some Irn Bru made from gurders!

BIG Kickers!!! and rail session!

Yesterday was pretty sick the clouds were high up but the park was higher so it was good. I’m now only hitting the big kickers, I spun on my 3rd run which was a back 3 and then I did a few more of them off both kickers which I am pleased about and also the best part of the day was that I land two backside 7’s off the 2nd kicker which I am so stoked about!

Back 7 - Hintertux BetterPark

Sunday was rubbish weather but we made the most of it by sessioning the triple shotgun down bar which was quite long. I did some nose presses on it back lips, front boards, back blunts and more it was a fun session everybody joined in which made it a fun. So now everybody apart from me, my dad, Nate Kern and Claire Frost are the only people left but tomorrow Dom Harington comes out so it will be fun to ride with him for a few days 🙂

And lastly …. pretty stoked to get a mention in Jenny Jones’s blog, she’s been out here shredding with us for the past two weeks, its been amazing (and yes Jenny, biggest I ever hit by a long way)!!!

YEAHHHHH StepChild! YEAHHHHH Hintertux!

So this week has been sick first of all I got put on the StepChild UK Team which I am stoked about !!

Then on Thursday I came out to Hintertux with my dad and Jamie Nicholls for 3 weeks ! Today I got my tirol season lift pass which is sick!!! My dad left his goggles down in the house so he had to go all the way back down from Hintertux to Mayrhofen and get them so I went up with Jamie. We got to the top of the park and the weather wasn’t very good because it was cloudy and I couldn’t see a thing but, there was snow everywhere 🙂 We just cruised through the park having a look at the jumps and riding the rails, the park is so sick! We cruised down to lift station and went to the restraunt and I met Kevin Backstrom and Gerome Mathieu which was pretty cool. After that we met up with my dad again and went riding. At the top I met Wojtek Pawlusiak which was sick! At the bottom of the of the run to the lift there is a big pole jam which was sweet Jamie busted out some huge back 1’s and 3’s and I did some back shifty’s of it you go soooooo big of it and the pipe was mellow but landing was quite flat which sucked.

So today is officially the start of the SEASON!!!!!!!! 🙂