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World Rookie Fest East (Czech)

Long time since last blog, been mad busy !

Was really good, won the groms and qualified for the finals in Ischgl (more to come on that).Went over to the Czech Republic for the World Rookie Fest comp a few weeks back, was rad … half pipe to jib to big jump.





Here’s the edit from the comp:


Brits 2010

DSC_0132.jpgSo whilst we where in Laax I competed in The Brits which was fun. We went out a week before to practice for it, whilst we where out there one of the pipe walls was cut down so I couldn’t practice pipe for a few days 🙁

First day we got our bearings back and we went to slopestyle and I got used to the kickers again then I decided to spin of the last kicker and it felt really good. Then Hamish Mcknight told me to spin of all three so I did and that was a good start to the week ! It started snowing on Monday and snowed all through the night and all day Tuesday. The next day was an amazing powder day with knee deep powder through the trees and doing some drops as well. For the rest of the week I just practised everything (during the week my mum arrived with my new board, a 2011 Stepchild Simon Chabelin which i totally love, big thanks to TSA and stepchild for sorting it so quick for me).

Monday was practise day on everything and I met Danny, Matt, Chris and Gerry Mcormick so I rode with Matt for the rest of the day which was fun, also we met the guys from Giro and have hooked me up with a helmet sponsorship ! In the evening I went to the animal house for tea (nice cooking Sonia!) and did a sticker job on my new helmet and new board. Sonia Shaw helped with my helmet and Dom Harrington helped with my board.

Tuesday was the Trespass Boardercross which was fun but I didn’t do very well in it because I fell in the semi-finals but I still enjoyed it. Then I went and practised big air and Johno Verity was filming it all, after that I rode down with Johno before we rode down he put a head cam on me and I did some drops with it on, cant wait to see the footage !

Wednesday was the Giro big air which was good to watch and compete in, the wind was quite strong but I’m used to it from Halifax. I hit the medium kicker which was still pretty big, in the comp I did back 3 and then on the second run I did back 3 mute and held the grab all the way around. After that I watched the mens big air qualifying and final which sick. Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls both did double cork 10’s and Sam Turnbull did well as well he did a corked back 9 and won his category. In the big air I came 2nd and Matt Mcormick came 3rd. I am stoked about getting 2nd at my first Brits.

Thursday was the Sno!Zone halfpipe which was good the pipe got a bit slushy so it was hard to get speed but i got my 5’s and 3’s in it I didn’t do very well in it but it was still fun. The mens was also good to watch Dom’s run was sick he qualified in 1st place. In the mens final Jamie (who says he doesn’t ride pipe) came 1st and he just did a back 9 from nowhere Dom came 2nd and Sam Cullum came 3rd. Also Dan Wakeham was there and he just did crippler to Mctwist all the way down the pipe as a joke and still qualified.

Friday was the last event and it was the Animal slopestyle event but it turned out to be a rail jam instead because the weather got really bad and really windy. It was still fun though I did a front board on the box and Jamie said it was the best slide of the day on it which i’m pretty pleased about. My first run was best I did front board to 50-50 board slide down on the up box then 50-50 on the step down box then stalled on the wallride. I fell on my second run which I’m a bit gutted about because if I landed I would of scored loads more than the first run. Dom did a sick double hand plant on the wall ride which look cool as well. At prize giving I came 1st which I’m super stoked about and I won a £300 K2 snowboard and I gave it to my dad.

On Saturday I went and rode some powder with Jordan Gee and Gregor Samuels. We found some little wind lips and I tried some front flips on them but I didn’t land any but Jordan landed under flips and switch front flips which is sick. Then after that it was the Red Bull Home Run which was really fun. On the way down people were slamming everywhere you looked which was funny but one guy went to hospital. Then on Sunday we drove back to Rotterdam and got the ferry home.

Now I’m back home, it really sucks because there is no snow and it’s just boring, I’ve been to the dome a couple of times and its nice to see all of my mates there, we made a little shredit to celebrate getting home 🙂

Below is a little video of Big Air day at The Brits and also the shredit from my first night back in the dome, I’ve got some amazing pics also from The Brits, will put them up later once we’ve been through them all 🙂

Burton European Open !!!

Burton European Open 2010

On Thursday I went to Laax for the first time. Whilst we were driving the car to Manchester airport we hit some black ice on the road and the spun the car and damaged it 🙁 When we got to the airport we met Mark and Katie Omerod and found out our flight was cancelled! So when the plane finally came after 8 hours we went to Laax. We got there got some cars and drove to Laax.

On Friday we had a full days practice on the slopestyle course and the halfpipe. When I saw the kickers they were the biggest kickers I’d ever seen, they were huge! First practice run I landed on my shoulder on the stair set which really hurt. The kickers were the best and the biggest kickers I’d ever hit, they had a 15 metre gap! Also the rails were amazing they were really smooth. Then we went to the super pipe which was 22ft big which was the biggest and best pipe I had ever been in.

Next day was the slopestyle competition which was fun and it was a really high standard of riding. In the slopestyle I came 14th out of 20 in my group which I’m really stoked about,  I came 22nd overall in slopestyle 🙂 Lewis Courtier-Jones did amazing coming 8th in the final and a big well done to Katie who stomped her back 3 in the final which put her in 4th place in the girls finals.

Next day was the halfpipe comp which was really fun, the pipe was amazing and so was the day. My 2nd run scored me my best score which was 40.60 and the run was frontside tail grab to backside grab to front 5 to backside grab to front 3 to cab 3. I came 16th out of 22 which I’m stoked about again because i have only been riding pipe for a week and also I came 25th overall in the pipe 🙂 Also another well done to Lewis who came 9th in the final also he  was going huge out of the pipe and another well done to Katie who stomped her last run and came 4th again only missing 3rd by 1.6 points!

Last day we packed and had a quick shred on the mountain in the swatch park on the kickers. Then we came down got changed and drove back to Zurich airport. When we got there it was snowing heavily but we still made it back without the flight being cancelled!

It was an amazing weekend and an amazing experience and now I need to get hitting the big kickers in Avoriaz on a regular basis !!! 🙂

My dad videod a few of my runs, but his hands were shaking so much they are pretty rubbish, I will try to find the good bits and do a little shredit with them soon.

Fear of the park write up can be found here and Whitelines here.

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Happy New Year :)

Avoriaz 2009Just got back from another week in Morzine, I stayed with Dan Wakeham,Nadine and Parker the dog in their house for the week (check this, Shaun White and Louie Vito both love Paker !). I had another sick week and I got to ride the pipe all week which was epic and also have a play in The Stash. One of our best day was when it was raining loads in Morzine but when you got to the top of the mountain it was dumping and we got to ride powder all day long. Also one night we went to Sam and Jon’s from More Mountain for tea which was really nice and their house was amazing.

On the last day we had a late flight back so we got to ride for the day, it was a bluebird day and a powder day. I did some runs in the pipe and then went off piste with my dad. One run my dad came down a cliff one footed which was quite funny but scary for him. We then got back packed and waited for the lift to the airport, when we got there, there was a queue from one end of the airport to the other end and back due to a baggage handlers strike, my dad started to help at the baggage bit which was a bit weird but it got the job done faster and meant we go home quicker!!

So again another amazing week in Morzine and a big thanks to Dan and Nadine for letting us crash at their place and teaching me the Macarena on New Years  Eve (Video to follow ….. we’ve got so much to go through to make a little edit, its gonna take a while) !!!

I’ve got a busy few weeks coming but will keep updating the blog 🙂 !!!