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At the start of December I flew to America with Jamie Nicholls and Nick Atkins and stayed there until the 23rd with the GB team. At the start of the trip the weather wasn’t that good so we just had to ride the rails but they were lacking on snow so the bad was in the end a benefit. Will Nangle was also out there and I spent a day filming with him in Keystone and the edit will be out soon! Me and Jamie also went and hit a perfect street spot with Nangle filming and Nick Atkins taking photos it was a sick session on a down bar and donkey kink next to each other and we got some sick shots on film and photos!

The rails.

About three days before I left I tried a standing back flip which I had already done before but this time I fell on my face and bit my lip pretty bad and had to get stitches so stupid haha! Also the last couple of days were the best weather and they had a really nice jump a Keystone so I went there and I learnt cab 10’s so I was stoked that I learnt a new trick after being in hospital. On the last day me and Billy Morgan did a couple of laps through the rails filming with the new GoPro 3 the edit is at the bottom 🙂 I flew back to Mayrhofen on Christmas Eve and had a sick day riding the pistes and got some cool presents as well! New Years Eve is always a good one here a crazy amount of fireworks!

Happy New Year 🙂




Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam :)

Yesterday I went to the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam at the Sane Rinn Jib Park in Austria with Chris Chatt, Ross Needham and my dad. When we got there it was just a small hill with one poma lift and a few rails, the setup was a down bar, donkey kink and a down flat down. It was a super fun setup and the rails were a bit wonky but were really nice and weren’t sticky. I was in the under 15’s category and it was a 15 minute jam session and you had to hit all three rails and the best trick on each rail got counted so I did front board on the down rail, back lip and 50-50 front 3 out on the donkey kink and nose press on the down flat down which got me through to the final.

Chatt and Ross both killed it in their heat but only Ross got through to the final. In the under 15’s final it was the same format as the qualification so I did front board on the down rail, 50-50 back 3 on the donkey kink and nose press and front board on the down flat down. I came first in my category which I was stoked about and won some Volcom and Electric stuff and then I won best rider of the day which I was even more stoked about and won 50 euros another pair of goggles and an invite to the finals in Avoriaz!!! Also Ross came 5th overall so well done Ross. Back in Mayrhofen now but the weather isn’t meant to great but we will see also I have got a comp this week which is the Austrian masters in Westendorf which will be fun!

Burton European Open 2012

My fizog from the iphone lense of the-goodlife.co.uk

Last Thursday me and my dad went over to Laax for the BEO, when we got there we met Katie Ormerod and her dad Mark Ormerod. The next day was practice day and the first time I had seen the course and it was, a down rail or up rail into two small jumps that were really close to each other there was only a 2 metre gap between the first landing and the take off for the next jump. After the two small jumps there is another two bigger jumps and then at the end there is the Creative Use Of Space feature which was a wallride into a drop or a pole tap. Or on the other side a close out rail into a stair set with a down bar or a down flat down. On the practice day the weather was perfect bluebird and warm so the course got slow and slushy nearer the end of the day, I got the run I wanted to do during practice just before it started to get slushy which I was happy about. Also on the same day when it got slushy I decided to try some front 9’s which I have never done before and I landed quite a few of them so I was stoked!!!

My Qualification score and rank

The next day was qualification and finals day for boys and girls so a lot was happening that day. I was in heat 1 and dropped second to last which was quite a good position to drop, In my first run I did 50-50 back 1 off into cab 5 mute to back 3 tail into back 7 mute into front 7 melon then into 50-50 front 3 on the close out to back lip on the down rail, but I fell on the front 7 because I went to big. On my second run I did the same and landed the front 7 which put me second in my heat which got me through to the final in 2nd place for my heatand 4th place overall from both heats which was pretty good.

In the final I did the same run for my first and second runs, just tried to improve the run on the second attempt and then went for the front 9 on the thirid run but put my hand down which I was a bit gutted about but it is a new trick so I need to work on it a bit more. In the end I came 9th which is pretty good at the BEO to be in the top 10 so I was stoked!!!

Squeek "Murder Face"

Also Katie came 3rd in the girls slopestyle and 2nd the day after in halfpipe so a massive well done to her. Today Jamie Nicholls qualified for finals with a sick run and then on his second run did an amazing scorpion not when landing on a jump but just doing a speed check after the first rail but still well done for qualifying Jamie! I am back in Mayrhofen now and there are some fun comps coming up like the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam and the world longest rail attempt at Gerlos which will be good fun!!!

Heres a couple more pics from Jon Weaver (thanks Jon) and my dad.

Hintertux with Tyler Chorlton and The Boardtest!

The past 2 weeks have been really good fun I went up to Hintertux and met Tyler Chorlton up there we rode all day which was really good fun it was the first time I have rode with him so I was stoked!!! We were just cruising on the mediums because the big jumps weren’t ready yet so we just did some 5’s and 7’s, also whilst we were up there my dad took pics and got some video and he got some sick shots (pics at bottom of this post)!

Then last week it was the Boardtest which was way better than last year because the weather was so warm this year! The rail setup was insane it was about ten rails in a row which so much fun also they had two quite big jumps which were good fun. Most of the week I rode the rail line because it was so slushy for the jumps but also some days we got up early to ride the jumps so there was enough speed to clear it. I tested a few boards out which were good fun I tried the Stepchild Joe Sexton which is really soft so it was really easy to press and fun to ride. After that I tried the Lib Tech Mini Skate Banana which was also really soft but it was a fun board to ride. During the week I did a day photos with Whitelines on the jumps and then we built a little jump for a rock drop and got some shots on that so hopefully I got some shots! Also on the Sunday it was the Whitelines Rail Jam which was so much fun apart from hiking the rails in the hot weather, the setup was a down bar and a donkey kink.

I hit the the donkey the whole time just trying to get different tricks on it in the end I managed to get back lip, back board, front board and 50-50 back 3 out so I was stoked and then I managed to get through to the final which I was even more stoked about, but in the final I couldn’t get the tricks I wanted so I was a bit gutted also well done to Chris Chatt who came 3rd overall! It was a fun week apart from smashing my head on a rail on the last day so that was the only down to the week.

Here is a little video of a couple of tricks from the day with Tyler:

And here are a couple of pics:


Picture 1 of 4

Brits Slopestyle!

On Friday it was the Protest Slopestyle which was a great day ! The course was a down bar, stall rail, down bar then a flat down box into 3 big kickers. On my first run I got all my rail tricks but then I bailed on the first big jump which I was a bit gutted about, but then I landed my 2nd run which was front board, frontside 50-50, back lip, gap noseslide, back 3, method and then a back 7 so I was stoked to land my run!

After that it was the mens qualifiers which was great to watch. They announced the 12 finalists and I qualified in 10th! We were only allowed 1 practice run which was rubbish because it had got cold and the jumps were slushy ice, it sucked. I didn’t want to do it because I knuckled the first jump and hurt my knee on the practice run but I did my first run anyway and landed it bolts so I was really really happy! We went to the bottom (in the lift cause my knee hurt so much) and got packed and then went to prize giving and I came 1st in my category and then I found out I came 5th overall I was so stoked!

We set off back to Mayrhofen with James Thorne and Chris Kightley and on the way the car broke so we had to go back to Laax which was rubbish, but we eventually got back to the Hoff. We went out to the Wald Cafe for a celebratory Schnitzel and its feeling good to be back home for some rest and to see my dog ! Great times in Laax, so stoked to see all my mates and meet a couple of my sponsors 🙂

FBBB at Cas Vegas

Last week was another good week I went to Fax on the Tuesday and got two new tricks which are back 7 tail grab and cork back 7 mute which I was so stoked about. Faye and her dad were there as well taking few picks which was sick he got some pretty sick shots. Thursday was fun at Cas because the setup was good and also we sessioned the yellow gas pipe on the mini slope also we did a shredit which is pretty sick. Then on Friday it was FBBB at Cas which was a sick park two down bars and a sick kicker I got back 7’s of it and cab 5’s and more I rode with Jordan Gee all night. It was a sick night and they made a sick video, check out my cab 5 in the video below, 42 seconds in !

Westbeach Halifax!

This week was pretty sick it started of at Halifax I rode with Jordan Gee and I got backside 720’s dialed which I was so stoked about then after fax I went to Jordan’s house to stay. The night after Fax we went to Chill Factor for a session which ended up to be pretty sick even though there were only 3 rails out I got cab 1 on back 3 out on the down bar and I also got back 1 on cab 3 out on the high box.

After Chill we went to Cas which was a fun night as well and Keith Povah was back riding which was good to see. We did a Shredit that night to I rode with Jordan, Keith, Big Charlie and many more. Then Jordan came and stayed at our house for 2 nights. The next night at Cas was just as good also Danny McCormick, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows were all there as well so it was fun to ride with them because I don’t get to see them alot.

Then on Saturday it was the Westbeach Snowflex Series at Halifax it was a really warm day so the slope wasn’t running to fast but they put loads of water on the kicker which helped alot. I got to the final of the 16 and unders category which I was stoked about I got my 7’s on the day which I was stoked about. also I got corked back 7’s on the day which was sick! In the final it was me, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows I didn’t land my first run which I was a bit disappointed about but on my second run I landed my corked back 7 which was so pleased about. In the end I came 3rd Pete came 2nd and Matt came 1st so well done to Matt and Pete also Danny McCormick came 2nd in his category so well done to him as well. In the over 16’s it was Col Mytton in 3rd Danny in 2nd and Andy Nudds in 1st.

I had a sick week this week and well done to everyone at Halifax!

Check out this weeks shredit at http://shredit.tv/2010/08/8-one-liners-nineteeneightten/ and also the Whitelines write up of the Westbeach comp at http://whitelines.mpora.com/news/westbeach-snowflex-series-2010-halifax-report.html


DSC_0050.jpgLast week I did quite alot of things. First it was parkstrife which was a pretty fun I rode with Jordan Gee all night it was a sick night the Nike bar was the best feature, we had a sick session on it and got a few sequence shots on it which are sick, every one was killing it. Check out the sequence shots here and the video I made here (on shredit.tv)

Then on Saturday it was FBBB at Milton Keynes which was a sick night they had a house in the middle of the slope made of snow with a gas pipe on top also the house was covered in graffiti. They did a video session on that which was fun and then they did a Whitelines rail jam on the down bars which was sick I did back tail 270 out and also I got a new trick which was hardway backside 180 on which I’m stoked about. Also I won a pair of Nike 6.0 shoes ! Fotp write up here there’s a sick shot of me on the gas pipe 🙂

On the Sunday I went to France with my family to my Uncle Nigel and Auntie Jo’s house in Fixard it was a good week away,  I did alot of bike riding which was good fun and also I played with their dogs Fixard and Redmire. One day I did 7 miles on the bike to a lake with Jo which was hard work, then I went into then lake with my brother Archie which was fun. Then the next day I did the same route with my dad and then later on in the day I did 11 miles with Jo and Nigel which was hard work but good fun, I slept well that night. Also we saw a massive snake skin the size of Archie !!

We played about with my uncles GPS when out running one day, check out the results !

Cas – Hemel – Cas

DSC_0020On Thursday I went to Cas. I had a fun time again, they had the 3m rail, high rail, a kicker,flat down down picnics gas pipe, 10m, jib section and a box. My favourite thing to hit was the high rail which I learnt cab 180 on 180 out and cab 180 on 360 out and cab 180 on 180 tail grab out. I also got tail side 270 out on the pipe.

Then on Friday we went to Hemel for an Animal Snow Camp session which was really fun. I rode with Dom Harrington for the night which was amazing, they had a big kicker with a big gap in between the kicker and the landing which was a bit scary. They also had 2 boxes to make an up flat, flat up flat rail, gas pipe, box and a side on rail which I learnt back lips which I am stoked about.

Then on Saturday night we went back over to Cas for a thing called park strife which was sick. It was meant to go on till 1 0’clock in the morning but it finished at midnight instead, Jordan Gee came over from Wigan to shred Cas style. The park for it was the street rail with steps next to it, high rail, small gas pipe, picnic tables, c- rails, 2 kickers, big gas pipe, 10m, jib section and a box. On the street rail I learnt back lips and on th big gas pipe i learnt 270 on 270 of which I am really stoked about.

This week I hope the wind stays down so I can get over to Fax and we might go up to Scotland on Saturday for the Lowlander but it depends on how much stuff we have to do to get ready for the One Snowboarding Camp on the 13th in Morzine !!

This weeks videos have got loads of the Cas crew in them ….

The weekend starts on Thursday !

Cas 12-11-2209

Thursday night we went over to Castleford  for a shred, Jonny Russel taught me a new trick on the down bar which was front blunt 270 outs which I’m stoked about !

The usual folks were there, Jonny Russel, Si Foster, JP, Andy Nudds and Kirsty Smith are in the video below 🙂