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Castleford – ROWAN COULTAS

A quiet week …

Not much gone on this week just been chilling on the trampoline and doing some shredding. I rode @ Cas on Thursday with Keith Povah as usual and we made our weekly shredit (sorry for the bad language!!) thenFriday with Jamie Nicholls, Si Foster Jamie also did a little shredit and I did some filming with Si and Jamie which was fun (read about it here). When the weather isn't very cold or wet I can't really go and ride Halifax because it is slow and they have no water sprinklers turned on, so instead I just go on my trampoline or go skate. On Saturday I went to skate at Skaterbeach which is an indoor skate park in Osbaldwick in York. I had really fun time riding the miniramps there and learning new tricks. But unfortunately it is closing down on the 30th of April so go along and skate before it closes its amzing and has amazing owners. Also in 5 days I'm going to the boardtest in Kaunteral for a week which will be sick, the pictures of the park look amazing and will get to ride with some folks I haven't seen for ages ..... so it's going to be sick!!!

By rowan, ago