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End Of Season Mega Post!!!

Sorry I haven’t done a blog in while been pretty lazy with it to be honest. The last few months have been so much fun!!! Firstly I landed some new tricks a few months ago just before The Brits the first one was a front 10 which I was super stoked to have landed!

The next trick was nearer the end of the season in Mayrhofen and that was a back 10 also stoked to land this!

I went to Bear Mountain in California in April with Vans for a trip to get some photos. I went with Rich Hookes, Chris Chatt, Will Smith, James North and Will Nangle. It was a super fun trip by the best I have had, the park was so much fun just rail, after rail, after rail. We also found time to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain which was crazy some of the rides were insane!!!

The best ride there X2!!!

I also went to the World Rookie Fest Finals in Ischgl which was good fun. The training day was super good bluebird weather so we could ride the jumps. The qualification day was awful weather with clouds on the course so they put on a rail jam which I won the grom category with this run in the video below. The next was finals but the weather was bad again but they decided that we should try and ride the jumps but I didn’t land my run so I was a bit gutted.


After this I came back to Cornwall for a week of school and then back out to Kaunertal for the Boardtest. The Boardtest was good fun the park was fun lots of rails and cool features and a few jumps which weren’t great to. I went and stayed with Vans again with Chatt, Dad, Victoria and Nicole. I had a really fun time there I rode a lot with Jamie Nicholls as usual but also with Chatt and Jonny Russel who I haven’t seen for ages so it was good to ride with him again. There was also the Whitelines rail jam which was fun I managed to get into the final but everyone who was in it killed it super high level of riding. Here is a clip from there.

From Kaunertal I went to Corvatsche in Switzerland just next door to St Moritz for an airbag session with the GB Team. I had a lot of fun there with everyone learning new tricks on to the airbag like double backflip, double rodeo 9, cab double 9 and back double 10. There was also a jump next to it which the tricks we learnt on the bag we could take to the jump but the jump wasn’t great it was about 16 metres and I did cab underflips and back rodeos as well. Everyone killed it at the session Billy Morgan did some cab double 10’s which is new for him. We had the whole resort to ourselves we were getting lifts to the top of the mountain of cats which was one of the mant things that made that trip awesome.

This isn't me but Markku Koski during one of the sessions. PHOTO: Lord Thomas Copsey and the iPhone of Doom !

From there I then went straight to Kitzsteinhorn back in Austria for the Onboard send off session which was sick!!! I got invited from the Rookie Fest with to other rookies which were Micheal Scherrer and Fridtjof Tischendorf. There were also so many pros there as well like Marco Grilc, Marc Swoboda, Marku Koski and so many more. They had built a huge hip and jump for the shoot. The first day it had snowed over night so we just shredded powder all day which was rad. The Hotel was sick swimming pool, spa, super nice rooms and amazing food. The next day we sessioned a pole jam and hopefully I got some shots out of that. Then later on we rode the quarterpipe and got lifts up on the back of sleds which was amazing. Then on the final day we rode the jump and hip, the take-off of the jump was at least 5 metres high so it looked amazing for photos I just did some back 7’s and tried to style them as much as possible. The hip was my favourite session it was HUGE I had so much fun riding it going big and riding with all the pros and rookies!!!

Now I’m back in Cornwall at school again just studying for my GCSE tests which sucks can’t wait to go back riding 🙂

British Snow Tour Norfolk

This weekend it was the mini Brits at Norfolk which was fun. We went on Friday but first we went to TSA to get some new boots which are sick. We stayed on the campsite again which was good.

The first day was the slopestyle which was really slow which made it rubbish the park was flat down or gas pipe to a box or a up rail then a rainbow or flat down or an up flat down or a side on gas pipe. My run was frontboard the flat down to front 1 on switch back 1 out to 50-50 noseslide tail tap out I came first in my category which I am stoked about.

Then the next day it was boardercross on the dendex which was good I came first in my heat which meant I won my category for boardercross which I am also stoked about. Also on the same day it was the Giro big air which was really slow but I managed to get some 5’s of it and a 7 that I slipped out on which I was a bit gutted but I managed to get 2nd place and a massive well done to Jordan Gee for winning with his sick underflip 7.

So in the end I got two golds and a silver which I am stoked about.

1st ever European Winter X Games !!!

I got through the quicksilver radar to w atch the so a massive   to everyone who voted!!! So we got a late ferry to Rotterdam which was ok then we drove from there to Tignes. when we got there we met Guilhem who is the guy who runs the Radar comp, but he didn’t have the key to the apartment so we had to sleep at his house. Then in the morning we packed the car again and drove to our apartment. It took us an hour to find the apartment because we didn’t have the right key 🙁 We got up the mountain and got our bearings again. We met my uncle Nigel and and Jason Rickwood. We then got to go and meet the pro quicksilver riders: Torah Bright, Travis Rice, Hampuss Mossesson and loads more, whilst we were chilling with the pros my board got stolen …. gutted, luckily we had my old dryslope board in the car so we had to buy some new bindings and use that board which sucked.

The next day was comp day we rode the Tignes park in the morning which was a good park it was also really long so it was fun we did some filming in that park and then went to the quicksilver tent for lunch and to watch the mens slopestyle final. Then we  went to the quicksilver park and practised on the kicker for the comp which was fun during the comp we got towed up on a ski doo which was so fun 🙂 After that we went to the X Games tent and got our prizes.

The next day we rode the Tignes park again with all the kids from the comp which was good fun we got some filming done as well with a Spanish kid called Bing Voorhem. We rode that all day which was good fun they opened the big kickers which were about 8ft gap or something like that. Also whiles filming my Dad lost his phone for about 2 hours he then rang it and it was the Norwegian kid who was staying in our room who had found it so he was lucky 🙂 Then in the evening we went to Torah Bright’s Olympic party put on by Quicksilver for winning gold which was fun.

I’m now in Laax for The Brits, been here a week and its been pretty cool riding the big slopestyle kickers 🙂 Its a bit slushy now so fingers crossed for some snow !

Here’s the video we made in the Tignes park and also the quicksilver video (check me out with Travis Rice!!):)

And here is the quicksliver video from the event, check me out chilling with Travis Rice !!!