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Burton European Open 2012

My fizog from the iphone lense of the-goodlife.co.uk

Last Thursday me and my dad went over to Laax for the BEO, when we got there we met Katie Ormerod and her dad Mark Ormerod. The next day was practice day and the first time I had seen the course and it was, a down rail or up rail into two small jumps that were really close to each other there was only a 2 metre gap between the first landing and the take off for the next jump. After the two small jumps there is another two bigger jumps and then at the end there is the Creative Use Of Space feature which was a wallride into a drop or a pole tap. Or on the other side a close out rail into a stair set with a down bar or a down flat down. On the practice day the weather was perfect bluebird and warm so the course got slow and slushy nearer the end of the day, I got the run I wanted to do during practice just before it started to get slushy which I was happy about. Also on the same day when it got slushy I decided to try some front 9’s which I have never done before and I landed quite a few of them so I was stoked!!!

My Qualification score and rank

The next day was qualification and finals day for boys and girls so a lot was happening that day. I was in heat 1 and dropped second to last which was quite a good position to drop, In my first run I did 50-50 back 1 off into cab 5 mute to back 3 tail into back 7 mute into front 7 melon then into 50-50 front 3 on the close out to back lip on the down rail, but I fell on the front 7 because I went to big. On my second run I did the same and landed the front 7 which put me second in my heat which got me through to the final in 2nd place for my heatand 4th place overall from both heats which was pretty good.

In the final I did the same run for my first and second runs, just tried to improve the run on the second attempt and then went for the front 9 on the thirid run but put my hand down which I was a bit gutted about but it is a new trick so I need to work on it a bit more. In the end I came 9th which is pretty good at the BEO to be in the top 10 so I was stoked!!!

Squeek "Murder Face"

Also Katie came 3rd in the girls slopestyle and 2nd the day after in halfpipe so a massive well done to her. Today Jamie Nicholls qualified for finals with a sick run and then on his second run did an amazing scorpion not when landing on a jump but just doing a speed check after the first rail but still well done for qualifying Jamie! I am back in Mayrhofen now and there are some fun comps coming up like the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam and the world longest rail attempt at Gerlos which will be good fun!!!

Heres a couple more pics from Jon Weaver (thanks Jon) and my dad.

Back home ….

 After the BEO I came back home and am back to riding at  Cas and Halifax again.

Last Tuesday I went Halifax for the first time again and the kicker was TINY compared to the BEO kickers !!! That night I tried corked back 5 mutes but didn’t land any. Went to fax again the day after and tried some more corked 5’s and still didn’t get them :(.

Then we went to Cas for the first time this year and saw Jonny Russell, Alec and Gary, it was good but it felt weird compared to the mountain because of the snow, it felt slow but it was fun. Jonny taught me backside 5-o frontside 180 out (check out the video below) !!! We went to Cas again on the Friday and I learnt backside 270 on to the side on box.

I want to say a massive well done to Jamie Nicholls at the BEO for getting through pre qualifying then qualifying then semi-finals to the final and placing 13th overall!!!!!!! so a BIG well done to Jamie, check out the video of his runs below.

And finally, another video from the Onesnowboarding camp has been released and put on Whitelines (all of the videos from the riders on the camp are here, check em out!) it’s been done by Stewart Monk who’s based in Morzine and I hope we can do some more stuff with him soon 🙂

My Vid from the camp in Morzine:

Jamie’s BEO runs:

And finally some rail fun back as Cas:

Burton European Open !!!

Burton European Open 2010

On Thursday I went to Laax for the first time. Whilst we were driving the car to Manchester airport we hit some black ice on the road and the spun the car and damaged it 🙁 When we got to the airport we met Mark and Katie Omerod and found out our flight was cancelled! So when the plane finally came after 8 hours we went to Laax. We got there got some cars and drove to Laax.

On Friday we had a full days practice on the slopestyle course and the halfpipe. When I saw the kickers they were the biggest kickers I’d ever seen, they were huge! First practice run I landed on my shoulder on the stair set which really hurt. The kickers were the best and the biggest kickers I’d ever hit, they had a 15 metre gap! Also the rails were amazing they were really smooth. Then we went to the super pipe which was 22ft big which was the biggest and best pipe I had ever been in.

Next day was the slopestyle competition which was fun and it was a really high standard of riding. In the slopestyle I came 14th out of 20 in my group which I’m really stoked about,  I came 22nd overall in slopestyle 🙂 Lewis Courtier-Jones did amazing coming 8th in the final and a big well done to Katie who stomped her back 3 in the final which put her in 4th place in the girls finals.

Next day was the halfpipe comp which was really fun, the pipe was amazing and so was the day. My 2nd run scored me my best score which was 40.60 and the run was frontside tail grab to backside grab to front 5 to backside grab to front 3 to cab 3. I came 16th out of 22 which I’m stoked about again because i have only been riding pipe for a week and also I came 25th overall in the pipe 🙂 Also another well done to Lewis who came 9th in the final also he  was going huge out of the pipe and another well done to Katie who stomped her last run and came 4th again only missing 3rd by 1.6 points!

Last day we packed and had a quick shred on the mountain in the swatch park on the kickers. Then we came down got changed and drove back to Zurich airport. When we got there it was snowing heavily but we still made it back without the flight being cancelled!

It was an amazing weekend and an amazing experience and now I need to get hitting the big kickers in Avoriaz on a regular basis !!! 🙂

My dad videod a few of my runs, but his hands were shaking so much they are pretty rubbish, I will try to find the good bits and do a little shredit with them soon.

Fear of the park write up can be found here and Whitelines here.

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