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New Zealand/Australia

Last week I got back from my trip down under it was a pretty fun trip riding in New Zealand and Australia, also going around Melbourne for a few days. The trip started off in New Zealand where I was there for just under 3 weeks, unfortunately Snow Park was closed this year which was pretty gutting as it was amazing last year but Cardrona was open and had a decent park. But the weather wasn’t kind pretty much the whole time I was there so I got about a day or two on the jumps which wasn’t too good, it just meant it was rails pretty much every day but they had a good rail line so it wasn’t too bad. After a few weeks I went over to Australia to meet up with the World Rookie Fest guys to go to Thredbo with them to compete in the Rookie Fest comp. They didn’t have a very good season for snow so they could only build two pretty small jumps and a couple of rails for the comp it was a fun little course in my run I did cab 1 on then back board to fakie, switch back 5, back 7 which got me 2nd in the rookie category which I was pretty happy with 🙂

The next day it was the practice day for The Mile High in Perisher which is another resort in Australia, Billy Morgan came over with Hamish and Katie Ormerod, Katie couldn’t compete because she had injured her knee in New Zealand.The course was a lot bigger and way more fun than the park in Thredbo I think they had more snow so the could build bigger jumps, the course was, down rail or donkey kink, flat bar or gap to down, pole jam, and then 3 jumps. I had a really good practice getting my run every time so i was happy with that also doing front 10’s and 9’s already was a bonus because it was just the start of the season for me and I was happy to be doing big tricks so early! My run in the comp was back lip, tailslide 270 out, 50-50 back 3 tail grab, back 5, cab 9, front 7, on my second run I fell over but I was happy with my first. Also well done to Billy Morgan who came 2nd in the slopestyle and 1st in the big air !

We then went to Melbourne for a few days and stayed with Hamish’s family. We first went to the Zoo and saw a lot of cool animals like snow leopards and lions. We also went into Melbourne centre and it’s massive and it was really busy but cool to look around somewhere different and to have some amazing sushi, we then headed to bounce which is a trampoline place and we messed about there for a couple of hours. On the last day we went to watch and Aussie Rules match which is definitely different to any sport in England and anywhere else. It was a really fun trip but glad to be back home now and getting ready to go shred Hintertux!!!


Animal Videocasts

Couple of videocasts from Animal have just come out, both done by Johno Verity, both are brilliant and they both feature me (and some of the other Animal team) 🙂

Check em out below (and the tiny blue jacket was a sample I had to wear for some photos !!! It’s not one I will be wearing again unless I get a bigger one !!!) 🙂

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Cas – Hemel – Cas

DSC_0020On Thursday I went to Cas. I had a fun time again, they had the 3m rail, high rail, a kicker,flat down down picnics gas pipe, 10m, jib section and a box. My favourite thing to hit was the high rail which I learnt cab 180 on 180 out and cab 180 on 360 out and cab 180 on 180 tail grab out. I also got tail side 270 out on the pipe.

Then on Friday we went to Hemel for an Animal Snow Camp session which was really fun. I rode with Dom Harrington for the night which was amazing, they had a big kicker with a big gap in between the kicker and the landing which was a bit scary. They also had 2 boxes to make an up flat, flat up flat rail, gas pipe, box and a side on rail which I learnt back lips which I am stoked about.

Then on Saturday night we went back over to Cas for a thing called park strife which was sick. It was meant to go on till 1 0’clock in the morning but it finished at midnight instead, Jordan Gee came over from Wigan to shred Cas style. The park for it was the street rail with steps next to it, high rail, small gas pipe, picnic tables, c- rails, 2 kickers, big gas pipe, 10m, jib section and a box. On the street rail I learnt back lips and on th big gas pipe i learnt 270 on 270 of which I am really stoked about.

This week I hope the wind stays down so I can get over to Fax and we might go up to Scotland on Saturday for the Lowlander but it depends on how much stuff we have to do to get ready for the One Snowboarding Camp on the 13th in Morzine !!

This weeks videos have got loads of the Cas crew in them ….