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Big Air!!!

At the end of October I went to London Freeze Festival. I drove over from Austria with some of the GB team  over night and I managed to sleep most of the journey. Me my mum, dad and brother stayed in the same place that I stayed in last year which was a big pimping apartment it was rad! The first day of the event was skiing so we went to watch a bit of that just to see how the jump looked and what the speed was. The next day was snowboarding and I was in the Battle of Britain against, Andy Nudds, Matt McCormick, Nate Kern, Dom Harington and a few others. The weather was horrible it was really windy so the speed for the jump was really slow and barely anyone was making it. We got two runs practice, two runs! Then the comp I did a back 3 tail and a back 7 but knuckled it and had to revert so I didn’t get through. Dom Harington won! Later it was the main event which Billy Morgan ended up winning!

From there I went to Modena, Italy with my dad for the Nissan StompIt big air competition. We landed in Bologne Airport and it turned out BA had left my bag in Heathrow which sucked but there was another flight so we drove to the hotel and my dad went and picked it up on the next flight. On qualification day we were meant to start at 11 in the morning but ended up starting at 5 in the evening such a long day! The jump was really nice a lot better than the Freeze jump it wasn’t to big and the drop in wasn’t to steep, I did a back 7 on my first run and landed and then tried some 9’s but kept coming up short. But I qualified in 7th to get through to the finals against, Roope Tonteri, Mathias Weissenbacher and many more I was stoked! In the finals I landed another back 7 and then tried to get a 10 but couldn’t get it around but I finished in 13th place beating Eric Beauchimen pretty happy with that so pretty happy with that result!

Nike Chosen Series Hemel

Stole this from SCUK on Facebook not sure who took it but it's not a bad pic!

On Friday I drove from Truro to Hemel for the Nike Chosen Series first stop at Hemel. They had built a 13 metre kicker which is quite big for indoor! We were allowed on the slope at half six but couldn’t hit the jump so I had a few runs on the rails to warm up because I hadn’t ridden for nearly two months. I finally hit the jump when it opened and it was quite wippy. As the comp went on some good tricks were being put down Andy Nudds was rippng some front sevens off the toes and the heels, Sam Cullum was doing some crazy inverted back 7 nose grabs. I did some back 3 tail grabs and a back 7 tail grab and a couple of front threes. I managed to get into the final top ten with Jordan Gee, Andy Nudds, Angus Leith, Jesse Smith, Scott Penman, Marc McClement, Sam Cullum and others. In the final I did some back 3’s tried some back 7’s but couldn’t land them so I did a method instead and a couple of front 3 melons and some front 5’s which was good. Nuddsy did a massive front 10 and Jesse and Marc both did doubles! Jamie Nicholls didn’t turn up in the end as he was to busy doing snowboard stunts in Stuttgart! In the end Nuddsy won the overall and is now invited to the overall final. Going back to Mayrhofen soon but my dad managed to get an infection to a wound in his arm which sucks and has delayed us from going back 🙁