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Pleasure Jam

After Modena we got the train back to Austria which was pretty cool had our own cabin and big leather chairs. It had dumped up at Tux so I went up

and rode some powder for a few days with Tom West and Cheryl Maas which was so much fun! Me, my dad and Jamie Nicholls left Mayrhofen on Wednesday night to Dachstein because Thursday was an all day practice. The course was quite small about a 7 metre jump to a 13 metre jump to either a flat rail or a rainbow rail and then a wall-ride. I had a sick day practice riding with Jamie Nicholls, Aimee Fuller, Cheryl Maas and Mathias Weissenbacher. Next day was qualification and I was in heat 3 my 1st run was cab under-flip, front 7, tail-slide 270 and 50-50 back 3 over the wall-ride which score

d me 62. On my second run I did a cab underflip then went for a front 10 but overshot the  landing and I got a seriously bad dead leg which hurt for 2 days after! They took the top 6 from each heat and I came 5th in mine so I made it to the final. The

weather sucked on finals day super windy so we had to hit the medium jump I did cab under-flip to back 7 on them and that placed me 14 overall so stoked on that! Also well done to Aimee who won the women’s she killed it! and Jamie who cam 3rd in men’s and got best trick fro front blunt 450 out. Such a rad comp definitely want to go back next year!

Team GB Podcast #3

Here is the 3rd podcast of the season from the GB Freestyle team in America, featuring me, Sam Turnbull, Aimee Fuller, Lewis, Jamie Nicholls, Dom Harington, Jamie Nicholls, Gregor Samuels (you know we think of you everyday!), Nate Kern and Sam Cullum – enjoy 🙂

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Mayrhofen last week

Last week I went back to Mayrhofen and stayed in our new aprtment for the week which is amazing, check out the view from our living room !IMG_0499.jpg

Hamish McKnight, Jamie Nicholls, Aimee Fuller, Nelson Pratt and Sam Turnbull all came out for a few days before they went over to Pleasure Jam, I went up with them the day after it had snowed for a full day so we got to have a powder day which was really fun.

Then the next day the weather wasn’t that good but we were still able to hit the first kicker in the pro line and then we went and found a backflip kicker which was a fun session, I did a backflip and tried some rodeos which I was stoked about as I nearly have them now 🙂 Then they all went to Pleasure Jam the next day apart from Nelson and Sam so I rode with them for the rest of the week.

IMG_0506.jpgWe hit the park the first day which was fun on the big kickers then we went and did some runs on the piste. We then had a day off because it was really windy. We then had our last day up the hill just riding around because the wind had blown the snow onto the park which meant there was no speed for the kickers but it was still a good day.

Also a massive well done to Aimee Fuller (who we had to dinner at our place a few nights) for coming 2nd overall in the Pleasure Jam!!! She did a picture for Archie whilst she was at our house in return for Archie doing a board design for her, I dont think Roxy will be making the board for her any time soon, I’ll try to get a copy of the pic …..