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Slovakia Snowboard Fest Big Air

I went to Slovakia for the Sony Snowboard Fest big air competition, It was a pretty cool comp and the resort was fun to go cruise around. The jump was good and the format of the comp was different to others i’ve been to, you had to do a 720 or more in the qualis to make it to the semis, then in the semis it was a jam format and you told them what run you want to be judged and in the final it was 3 runs best two tricks count. I all the way through to the final and my runs in the final were, back double 10, cab double 9 and cab double 10. I was stoked to land all my runs and was even more stoked to finish 2nd!!!!

Check out the edit:

Vans Hi Standard Video

A couple of weeks ago was the Vans Hi Standard Big Air comp in Mayrhofen and the format was nothing over a 720 was allowed and it was all based on style and if you did a trick the judges liked you were given 20 euros so the more tricks you did the judges liked the more money you got. They also had a rail jam with the same format but you could do any tricks you wanted. I got the best under 16 rider which I won 200 euros and over the big air and rail jam I won 320 euros stoked!

Here is the video,

Vans Hi Standard Series Austria a Snowboarding video by vans

World Rookie Fest East (Czech)

Long time since last blog, been mad busy !

Was really good, won the groms and qualified for the finals in Ischgl (more to come on that).Went over to the Czech Republic for the World Rookie Fest comp a few weeks back, was rad … half pipe to jib to big jump.





Here’s the edit from the comp:



Last week I had a few days off because it was bad weather but finally the weather cleared up so I went up  to Hintertux with Rich Hookes. It wasn’t slushy up there but the snow was quite sticky but it didn’t


really matter that much, I hit the mediums for a bit and then moved to the smaller jumps to practice back  rodeos! I fell a few times but also landed a few aswell which I was good. Then the next day I went up  with my dad to practice them again I think I did 6 during the day and managed to land 4 of so that day I  was even more stoked!!! Also that day we went and did a few runs to the middle station and on the way I  hit a little cliff drop into some powder which was also really good fun! The next day I hit the mediums all  day practicing front 5 into cab 5 I managed to get it nearly every time which is good, also during the past  two days my dad came up and got some sick shots of everyone who was riding! Then today I practiced  my rodeos which I landed and the front five to cab 5, so tomorrow I think i’m gonna try some front  7’s and see how it goes 🙂 It is definitely summer in Mayrhofen its just getting hotter and hotter everyday.

Here is the video of a few rodeos that I have done!


Also here is a video of Nelson Pratt that has just gone online check it out!!!

Shred Down Austrian Masters, Tignes and Wangl Tangl!!!

At the weekend Beckna told me that there was a comp on in Westendorf which I could go to and compete at. We arrived late and luckily I managed to get five practice runs in which I was stoked about. The course was a box into 2 jumps which were really good fun. My first run was really bad because I bailed on it, but then I landed my second run but I didn’t hold the grab for long enough on the 7, then finally I got the run I wanted which was Half-Cab 5-0, Back 3 Tail Grab and Back 7 Mute so I was stoked about because it was the first proper 7 I have done since breaking my collarbone! So in the rookies (under 18’s) I came 5th out of 11 overall so I am pretty stoked!

Then After That I went over to Tignes with Beckna to check it out. It was a ten hour drive so we got up early I was knackered, any way when we got there we unpacked and had food and then straight to bed. The next day I saw the Xgames course and Hamish, Jamie and Jenny. Then I went riding in the Tignes park with Ben Kilner and Scott McMorris which was a fun really day just messing around  jibbing on the rails! The day after that I went riding with Mark Ruparelia for the day which was fun the weather was really bad it was really windy and bad light but we made the most out of it! Also whilst we were there Thrashmore was there building a mini-ramp which broke straight away! We then went back the next day.

We managed to get back in time for the Wangl Tangl team skate battle which was amazing to watch so many sick skaters people going huge doing big methods and stalefishes! But in the end the english team won it and they were by far the best team out there they were doing the same tricks side by side it was sick!!!


Westbeach Halifax!

This week was pretty sick it started of at Halifax I rode with Jordan Gee and I got backside 720’s dialed which I was so stoked about then after fax I went to Jordan’s house to stay. The night after Fax we went to Chill Factor for a session which ended up to be pretty sick even though there were only 3 rails out I got cab 1 on back 3 out on the down bar and I also got back 1 on cab 3 out on the high box.

After Chill we went to Cas which was a fun night as well and Keith Povah was back riding which was good to see. We did a Shredit that night to I rode with Jordan, Keith, Big Charlie and many more. Then Jordan came and stayed at our house for 2 nights. The next night at Cas was just as good also Danny McCormick, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows were all there as well so it was fun to ride with them because I don’t get to see them alot.

Then on Saturday it was the Westbeach Snowflex Series at Halifax it was a really warm day so the slope wasn’t running to fast but they put loads of water on the kicker which helped alot. I got to the final of the 16 and unders category which I was stoked about I got my 7’s on the day which I was stoked about. also I got corked back 7’s on the day which was sick! In the final it was me, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows I didn’t land my first run which I was a bit disappointed about but on my second run I landed my corked back 7 which was so pleased about. In the end I came 3rd Pete came 2nd and Matt came 1st so well done to Matt and Pete also Danny McCormick came 2nd in his category so well done to him as well. In the over 16’s it was Col Mytton in 3rd Danny in 2nd and Andy Nudds in 1st.

I had a sick week this week and well done to everyone at Halifax!

Check out this weeks shredit at http://shredit.tv/2010/08/8-one-liners-nineteeneightten/ and also the Whitelines write up of the Westbeach comp at http://whitelines.mpora.com/news/westbeach-snowflex-series-2010-halifax-report.html

Black Eyes, Bloody Lips, Bad Shoulders, Back 7’s and Saas Fee!

Bad lip On Thursday we went to Morzine for the third time, we took Sam Turnbull out with us. When we got to Geneva we got a transfer to Samee and Jon from More Mountains house who let use there spare room (thanks!). Friday was the first day riding we went to the park and the pipe with Sam which was fun. Then in the afternoon we got to ride lots of powder which was really fun it was about thigh deep which was the deepest I’ve ever been in. My dad took some amazing falls and got his head buried which was funny!!!

Then the next morning was amazing, it was bluebird and I managed to get corked back 5’s and backside 720’s dialed which i’m really stoked about!!! Then in the afternoon we rode the pipe for a bit and because it snowed again we rode off piste in the powder again. We found a good off piste kicker but the landing was into a ditch, Sam did it first and said don’t do it but I did it anyway and on landing kneed myself in the face and bit all my lip. At the end of the day my lip had turned purple and had a big ulcer on it 🙁 Also that evening Quicksilver sent me an email to say that I got through to the qualifications for their Radar competition which I was stoked about:)

Next day it was bluebird again so we rode the park I did a back 7 but caught my toe edge and landed on to my face so I bit my lip again, got a black eye, a bleeding nose and a bad shoulder. After that we rode for a bit and then went to the pipe. I took it easy for the rest of the day just being safe so I didn’t land on my shoulder again.

Then it was the last day of riding  so I took it easy again so I didn’t injure myself for the Quicksilver comp. We rode the park and then after that we rode the pipe for a bit and I got the biggest I had ever been out of the pipe which was really cool! Then we did some more runs and we did some powder runs aswell. Also my dad learnt how to do 180’s on the piste which he is stoked about.

On Tuesday we drove from Morzine to Geneva to Saas Fee for the Quicksilver competition, when we arrived we weren’t allowed to go into Saas Fee because it is a car free town. We parked the car and took our bags into Saas Fee we then got a funky little van which was electric powered to the hotel. We rode in the afternoon of the next day mostly in the park most of the day just to see what it was like.

The next day it was the comp we met at the lift and got interviewed for the cameras and we then went to the park and got filmed on a few obstacles but not many it was fun though meeting new kids and riding with them. We then went back to the hotel and got some stickers and T-shirts they also gave us some goggles and a bandanna. My video will be on the Quicksilver site soon and I will put a link so you can watch it and PLEASE vote for me to win a trip to the European X Games in Tignes

Last day we shredded, we went to the top of the glacier and rode all the way down to the bottom without stopping and waiting for anyone which was fun we also got some pictures in the park on the big rainbow rail which was fun. Then we did some more runs through the park and on the piste and then we went back to the hotel packed and drove to Geneva and now I am back home for a few weeks before heading out to Laax for the Brits 🙂

Roxy Rainbow Saas Fee