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Whitelines Rail Jam !!! (and some other stuff)

Last week me and my dad went to London and watched the Vans Downtown Showdown and it was awesome the skating was insane so many good skaters, also there were some rad people there that I saw like Wee Man and Steve Van Doren the owner of Vans which was sick, check out the video highlights.

After that we drove to Tamworth and I went for a shred but it wasn’t that good because everything was sticky and not everything was put in straight but I still had a good time. The next morning I got a train to York and went and stayed with my friend Joe whilst I was there I saw all my mates which was cool, I then went and stayed at my uncles for a few days aswell thanks for looking after me and giving lifts to and from Cas 🙂 I went to Cas on Thursday and Friday, on Thursday I saw Keith Povah, Simon Foster and Big Charlie it was rad to shred with them all again I had so much fun they had a sick park out, side on gaspipe, Nike Stairset and then a donkey kink it was sick!

Then Friday it was the Whitelines rail jam (like the one we did at the boardtest but in the dome) and that was a sick, same park as Thursday but with the DC Jet Set after the Nike Stairset then a high box. They had loads of prizes and they had jams on the Nike Stairset and the DC Jet Set I got in the final for the Jet Set but I didn’t think that it was that good a feature, the best was the Nike stair set which I did Half-Cab 5-o, back noseslide pretzel and back one on. In the end I won Union bindings, 50 quid, Whitelines Subscription and Dragon goggles which is rad!!!

So back in Cornwall now went surfing Yesterday with Jamie Nicholls, Katie Ormerod, Sophie Nicholls and Mathias Weissenbacher which was good fun then did a spot of fishing (caught nothing as usual).

Down Days ROCK!!!!

Today we woke up to see loads of fresh snow in the valley and outside our house it was like christmas!

So we stayed in for a bit and then me, my dad and Dom Harington went out and looked for something to hit I saw a little concrete hut that you could drop off so me and Dom decided to hit it we got some banging pics from it all taken by the one and only Nik Coultas (my dad)

We then walked up a bit further to find a hut with a concrete ledge outside of it but then we went round the other side to a pile of manure covered in snow that you could hip off so we built that up into a hip and had sick session on that and once again got some amazing shots on that.

Then few hours later we went over to the Hungerpain house for a rail session in there garden on a side on box which was pretty fun I took a bail on a back tail but I got back up and went and did the trick again and didn’t bail so I was pretty stoked!

Who knew down days could be so much fun 🙂