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Friday fun ….

Rowan @ Fax Photo MergeOn Friday got to ride at Halifax with Dom Harington who is also sponsored by Animal.

He brought with him a guy called Luke to take some pictures and another sick rider called Dan. I can’t wait to see the pictures that Luke got, my dad took some that you can see here. Dom and Dan were killing it to say they haven’t ridden dry slope for ages, Dom was doing some corked 7’s and 5’s also he did a back flip on his 3rd run!!! Dan was doing some crazy stuff like back flip 180’s, back flips and some front 3’s!!!

UPDATE: Here are Lukes pics, I like em 🙂

My dad left the camera running all day to capture all the tricks we did!!!

When we finished at Fax we headed down to the Burton Scrap Metal, the drive down there was rubbish we were stuck in queues all the way down there we still managed to get down there on time though. When I went on to the slope I found  Jordan Gee to shred with which was good fun but the park was a bit mental with huge gaps onto the side on rails. I managed to get on to one of them and front board it. The winner of the women’s category was Katie Omerod who was riding really well doing front blunt 270 outs on the down bar which looked sick. In the men’s category it was Si Foster in 3rd place, then a guy called George Wooley but in first place was Johnny Russell who landed a a sick backside 360 on to the down bar. So overall it was a good night!!!

That night we stayed over in Hemel Hemsted. My dad drove up a spiral road to the car park but it was closed so he had to reverse all the way back down it LOL. The next day we went home thinking it would take us 3 hours but the it ended up taking us about 7 hours!!!

The weekend starts on Thursday !

Cas 12-11-2209

Thursday night we went over to Castleford  for a shred, Jonny Russel taught me a new trick on the down bar which was front blunt 270 outs which I’m stoked about !

The usual folks were there, Jonny Russel, Si Foster, JP, Andy Nudds and Kirsty Smith are in the video below 🙂


Halifax Muck on my face

Last night we went over to Halifax to practice on the kicker, it was really foggy but not too windy which was cool, it was also wet which made it nice and quick.

I was practicing my 540’s which I can now land most of the time, so I’m stoked about that !

Only a couple more days till I’m back to Halifax to and then go down to Hemel for the Burton Scrap Metal 🙂

A little video below showing how foggy it was !

Halifax spinning in the fog from Rowan Coultas on Vimeo.

My First Post

Advita Night @ CFe
Make em like this at Cas please !

So last Friday we went to CFe to shred with the Advita guys and my mate Jordan Gee. It was a top night, wish they could make kickers at Castleford like they do at CFe ….

Here are a few pics Jordan’s dad took of me on the kicker they built.

Then on Saturday night we went to Tamworth for the Who’s the Daddy competition on the quarter pipe, I didn’t do the pipe but I got loads of practice done on my frontsides and a couple of new tricks. Here’s some video my dad took from the balcony YouTube Preview Image