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At the start of December I flew to America with Jamie Nicholls and Nick Atkins and stayed there until the 23rd with the GB team. At the start of the trip the weather wasn’t that good so we just had to ride the rails but they were lacking on snow so the bad was in the end a benefit. Will Nangle was also out there and I spent a day filming with him in Keystone and the edit will be out soon! Me and Jamie also went and hit a perfect street spot with Nangle filming and Nick Atkins taking photos it was a sick session on a down bar and donkey kink next to each other and we got some sick shots on film and photos!

The rails.

About three days before I left I tried a standing back flip which I had already done before but this time I fell on my face and bit my lip pretty bad and had to get stitches so stupid haha! Also the last couple of days were the best weather and they had a really nice jump a Keystone so I went there and I learnt cab 10’s so I was stoked that I learnt a new trick after being in hospital. On the last day me and Billy Morgan did a couple of laps through the rails filming with the new GoPro 3 the edit is at the bottom 🙂 I flew back to Mayrhofen on Christmas Eve and had a sick day riding the pistes and got some cool presents as well! New Years Eve is always a good one here a crazy amount of fireworks!

Happy New Year 🙂




Breckenridge :)

Been riding in Breck the past few days and the jumps are sick! I have learnt cab 9’s whilst I have been out here which I am stoked about, the weather hasn’t been great the whole time I’ve been here but there are some sick rails so we rode them on the bad days.

Here is a little edit of me and Jamie hiking one rail in Park Lane

We went to Keystone today and it was really quiet and the jumps were sick and I did 5 cab 9’s in a row off the first jump in the pro line!!

World Rookie Fest And Breck!!!!

Rookie Fest Setup

Went to Livigno on Saturday With Jamie Nicholls, my dad and Henry Jackson. I was in the groms category and the run I did in qualification was cab 5, back 7, front 3 then 50-50 method on the up rail. I qualified in 5th place into the finals and in the finals my best run was cab 5, back 7, front 7, then 50-50 back 3 off the up rail. In the end I stayed in 5th place which I was stoked about!!! I am in Breck now and I went up today to check out the park and it is sick loads of rails and really nice jumps 🙂

Click For Bigger Pic of Livigno

Team GB Podcast #3

Here is the 3rd podcast of the season from the GB Freestyle team in America, featuring me, Sam Turnbull, Aimee Fuller, Lewis, Jamie Nicholls, Dom Harington, Jamie Nicholls, Gregor Samuels (you know we think of you everyday!), Nate Kern and Sam Cullum – enjoy 🙂

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Windy Tree Runs :)

On Sunday I arrived at Breckenridge. I got a flight from Heathrow to Denver with Jamie Nicholls, Hamish McKnight, Sam Turnbull, Ben Kilner, Gregor Samuels,and Lewis Courtier Jones.

I had really bad jetlag the first day because I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning and felt wide awake and then a few hours later all I wanted to do was sleep. I got my pass on the Monday and went and had some lunch with Jamie and it was freezing -20 at least!

Then on Tuesday we went for a shred it was really windy and really cold but we got on with it and rode the rails and kickers in the park and then everyone but me and Sam went down. We went and found some tree runs which were sick there were logs to jib on and some fresh snow in the trees aswell. Overall it was a good first day riding and hopefully there will be more to come !