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FBBB Landgraaf

This week I rode at Fax first and took a big slam which really hurt my shoulder but is is ok now I went with Jordan Gee. After Fax I went and stayed at Jordan’s house. We then went to Chill Factor and rode there which was ok because there were only two rails out which sucked. Then on the Friday it was Subjam at Cas which was fun because it was a good setup down bar to 10 metre to high box to side on box. I learnt front 1 on cab 1 out on the down bar I also got backside 450 on 270 out on the high box and back 1 on switch back 1 out on the side on box so I am pretty stoked about. Then straight after that me my dad and Jordan went to Landgraaf for FBBB it was a sick park with some big kickers and lots of rails. It was a fun event because Landgraaf is such a big slope I got some back 7’s of the kickers and more I learnt front 1 on to switch 5-0 o the down bar which is sick. Also my dad did the small jumps in the park which was cool. It was such a great weekend I had lots of fun riding there. Check out the video from the event !

Westbeach Halifax!

This week was pretty sick it started of at Halifax I rode with Jordan Gee and I got backside 720’s dialed which I was so stoked about then after fax I went to Jordan’s house to stay. The night after Fax we went to Chill Factor for a session which ended up to be pretty sick even though there were only 3 rails out I got cab 1 on back 3 out on the down bar and I also got back 1 on cab 3 out on the high box.

After Chill we went to Cas which was a fun night as well and Keith Povah was back riding which was good to see. We did a Shredit that night to I rode with Jordan, Keith, Big Charlie and many more. Then Jordan came and stayed at our house for 2 nights. The next night at Cas was just as good also Danny McCormick, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows were all there as well so it was fun to ride with them because I don’t get to see them alot.

Then on Saturday it was the Westbeach Snowflex Series at Halifax it was a really warm day so the slope wasn’t running to fast but they put loads of water on the kicker which helped alot. I got to the final of the 16 and unders category which I was stoked about I got my 7’s on the day which I was stoked about. also I got corked back 7’s on the day which was sick! In the final it was me, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows I didn’t land my first run which I was a bit disappointed about but on my second run I landed my corked back 7 which was so pleased about. In the end I came 3rd Pete came 2nd and Matt came 1st so well done to Matt and Pete also Danny McCormick came 2nd in his category so well done to him as well. In the over 16’s it was Col Mytton in 3rd Danny in 2nd and Andy Nudds in 1st.

I had a sick week this week and well done to everyone at Halifax!

Check out this weeks shredit at and also the Whitelines write up of the Westbeach comp at

Oakley Grom Games! (Updated)

Untitled 0 00 06-08On Thursday we went to Cas which was OK the park was small but it was fun still I rode with Keith and Stu Edwards and big Charlie and Si Foster it was a good night I learnt butter up 180 on switch back 3 off on the spine and back 180 on switch nose press cab 180 out. Also during the night we did some filming and made a little shredit out of it (see below).

Friday I went to Jordan Gee’s house to stay for the night we went and rode at Chill Factor which was good apart from the big kicker wasn’t open that night but still it was a good shred. I got all the 1’s, 3 360’s and a back 5’s on the medium kicker which was good practise for the competition. We left our bags in Subvert and it was locked when we came out so I had to borrow Jordans clothes the following day which were massive on me !

The next day was the Oakley Grom Games which was great fun, the setup was the best I think I’ve seen for an indoor comp, nice work ! It was a 3 hour jam session on everything that was out so I rode with Matt McCormick during that which was fun because I don’t get to ride with him that often. For the final hour they opened the big kicker which helped me because it meant I could go bigger and get bigger spins of it and slower spins of it. I manged to get 5’s on it and big 3’s. When it finished they did the prize giving and I won my category, I won a pair of custom Oakley goggles that say Grom Games 1st on them, a cap, a T-shirt and some stickers. I then got invited back to ride in the final which was sick but I didn’t get into the super final but Jordan did which was so cool. At the end of the night there was a special prize of a 50 inch TV which to two people qualified to win, and Jordan was one of them ! To make it fair they played Rock Paper Scissors and Jordan won it which he is so stoked about. Overall it was a great competition and a good time, cant wait for the next one !

My little brother (and me) also got to meet Jenny Jones who was there judging for the evening, at first he didn’t want a picture with her and then realised he did ….. which made him get quite upset, check the pics !

UPDATE: Check out the video from the night, you’ll see me right at the start on the gas pipe and the full write up of the even can be foud here 🙂

This weeks Shredit:

Untitled 0 00 02-19

Untitled 0 00 00-27

A busy few days !

DSC00045On Thursday we went to Cas to shred, there was 3 kickers, spine, s box, side on box and the 10 metre. It was a fun night Jonny Russell did some filming with me. Also I got a new trick off the kicker which was cab 5’s which I am so stoked about. Also I got back board to switch 50-50 front 180 out and on the s box i got front lip to switch front blunt 270 out, Jonny chassed Si Foster round the car park with a belt after the shred, it was sooooo funny !

The next night we went to chill Factor for the DC night. The setup was OK they had a street bar, rail, box, 2 kickers, up box and a spine. It was another good night even though there were no DC riders there (get well soon Sam !). The kicker was good but it wasn’t as good than the one at Advita night, but anyway I still managed to get a new trick of the kicker which was front 5’s which I am again stoked about!!! After that we followed Jordan and Barry Gee to Wigan to stay over there for the night so we could set off early the following morning.

The next day we woke up early to meet Jordan and Barry in the Premier Inn car park to drive to Glasgow for the Lowlander at Bellahouston. When we got Scotland we went to pick up Marc McClement from his house to take him there. When we got to Bellahouston it was raining really badly but that was a good thing as it made the slope really fast. We got changed into our gear and went to ride. When we got onto the slope you couldn’t see the kicker it was that small but they had a lot of rails out. The first two runs were judged on kicker and quarter pipe and the other two runs were judged on the rails. I managed to get through to the final 5 which I was pleased about. In the finals you had the same amount of runs 2 on the kicker and quarter and 2 on the rails but because it was running late we only had 1 run on the rails. In the end I didn’t manage to place in the top 3, Matt McCormick came 1st who was killing it all day long!!! Also Danny McCormick came 2nd in 16 and over who was also killing it all day and Marc McClement came 1st in the 16 and over!!! All in all a totally sick day up in Scotland, can’t wait to get back up there 🙂

My First Post

Advita Night @ CFe
Make em like this at Cas please !

So last Friday we went to CFe to shred with the Advita guys and my mate Jordan Gee. It was a top night, wish they could make kickers at Castleford like they do at CFe ….

Here are a few pics Jordan’s dad took of me on the kicker they built.

Then on Saturday night we went to Tamworth for the Who’s the Daddy competition on the quarter pipe, I didn’t do the pipe but I got loads of practice done on my frontsides and a couple of new tricks. Here’s some video my dad took from the balcony YouTube Preview Image