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Whitelines Rail Jam !!! (and some other stuff)

Last week me and my dad went to London and watched the Vans Downtown Showdown and it was awesome the skating was insane so many good skaters, also there were some rad people there that I saw like Wee Man and Steve Van Doren the owner of Vans which was sick, check out the video highlights.

After that we drove to Tamworth and I went for a shred but it wasn’t that good because everything was sticky and not everything was put in straight but I still had a good time. The next morning I got a train to York and went and stayed with my friend Joe whilst I was there I saw all my mates which was cool, I then went and stayed at my uncles for a few days aswell thanks for looking after me and giving lifts to and from Cas 🙂 I went to Cas on Thursday and Friday, on Thursday I saw Keith Povah, Simon Foster and Big Charlie it was rad to shred with them all again I had so much fun they had a sick park out, side on gaspipe, Nike Stairset and then a donkey kink it was sick!

Then Friday it was the Whitelines rail jam (like the one we did at the boardtest but in the dome) and that was a sick, same park as Thursday but with the DC Jet Set after the Nike Stairset then a high box. They had loads of prizes and they had jams on the Nike Stairset and the DC Jet Set I got in the final for the Jet Set but I didn’t think that it was that good a feature, the best was the Nike stair set which I did Half-Cab 5-o, back noseslide pretzel and back one on. In the end I won Union bindings, 50 quid, Whitelines Subscription and Dragon goggles which is rad!!!

So back in Cornwall now went surfing Yesterday with Jamie Nicholls, Katie Ormerod, Sophie Nicholls and Mathias Weissenbacher which was good fun then did a spot of fishing (caught nothing as usual).

Back in the UK

I am back in the UK now, down in Cornwall and the weather has been good (so far), so I have been surfing and it has been sick! Also on Friday I got the train from Truro to Halifax to go ride Cas with Jamie Nicholls which was rad, I learnt loads of new tricks like Front Blunt to regs, Front 1 on cab 3 off, Cab 1 on Back 3 out and back 1 on switch back 1 back on to the gas pipe which I was stoked about. Then the next day it was Jamie’s 18th Birthday Party which was also good fun we skated the mini ramp that he had built in his garden and it was sick, there were some rad skaters there who killed it all night like my Vans team mate Lois Pendlebury, Dave Walker, Will Smith, Thrashmore and many many more. I had a such a fun night. The next morning I packed my stuff and started the 8 hour train journey back to Cornwall a big thank you to Jamie and his Parents for letting me stay 🙂

Taken by Jools Smith

I also went to Milton Keynes a few days before that for the FBBB TrickBusters event, it was a rad setup. It was a cool format as well it was 1 hour practice, 1 hour jam and then the final, but in the final the judges picked tricks out of a hat and the riders had to do them and it was the person who landed the most tricks won. Some of the tricks were a bit stupid like hardway 360 on and method to frontboard. I won a girls jacket which is just what I have always wanted ….. 🙂

FBBB at Cas Vegas

Last week was another good week I went to Fax on the Tuesday and got two new tricks which are back 7 tail grab and cork back 7 mute which I was so stoked about. Faye and her dad were there as well taking few picks which was sick he got some pretty sick shots. Thursday was fun at Cas because the setup was good and also we sessioned the yellow gas pipe on the mini slope also we did a shredit which is pretty sick. Then on Friday it was FBBB at Cas which was a sick park two down bars and a sick kicker I got back 7’s of it and cab 5’s and more I rode with Jordan Gee all night. It was a sick night and they made a sick video, check out my cab 5 in the video below, 42 seconds in !

Westbeach Halifax!

This week was pretty sick it started of at Halifax I rode with Jordan Gee and I got backside 720’s dialed which I was so stoked about then after fax I went to Jordan’s house to stay. The night after Fax we went to Chill Factor for a session which ended up to be pretty sick even though there were only 3 rails out I got cab 1 on back 3 out on the down bar and I also got back 1 on cab 3 out on the high box.

After Chill we went to Cas which was a fun night as well and Keith Povah was back riding which was good to see. We did a Shredit that night to I rode with Jordan, Keith, Big Charlie and many more. Then Jordan came and stayed at our house for 2 nights. The next night at Cas was just as good also Danny McCormick, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows were all there as well so it was fun to ride with them because I don’t get to see them alot.

Then on Saturday it was the Westbeach Snowflex Series at Halifax it was a really warm day so the slope wasn’t running to fast but they put loads of water on the kicker which helped alot. I got to the final of the 16 and unders category which I was stoked about I got my 7’s on the day which I was stoked about. also I got corked back 7’s on the day which was sick! In the final it was me, Matt McCormick and Pete Meadows I didn’t land my first run which I was a bit disappointed about but on my second run I landed my corked back 7 which was so pleased about. In the end I came 3rd Pete came 2nd and Matt came 1st so well done to Matt and Pete also Danny McCormick came 2nd in his category so well done to him as well. In the over 16’s it was Col Mytton in 3rd Danny in 2nd and Andy Nudds in 1st.

I had a sick week this week and well done to everyone at Halifax!

Check out this weeks shredit at and also the Whitelines write up of the Westbeach comp at


I flew back from the One  Snowboarding camp in France with Jamie Nicholls, Sophie Nicholls and Katie Ormerod, we landed at Stanstead and my dad gave us all a lift home. It sucks being back there is nothing to do ! there is no luge or volleyball, it rains most of time it just sucks!

I went to Halifax for the first time in about a month or two last week, it was good fun, really fast and it poured down for about 10 minutes. This week I’m going to Cas on Thursday and Friday and then on Saturday I’m going to Milton Keynes for FBBB with Jordan Gee.

Sunday I’m going to France for a week but not to go snowboarding which sucks 🙂 I’m going with my family and my Uncle Nigel and my Auntie Jo. I’m looking forward to go on holiday again it should be good fun!

Couple more videos from the camp:

Hip Session:

C Box Session:

Birthdays …. Shred …. FBBB …. Counting down the days !!!

25Jun2010_1042On Monday it was my birthday I had a great day apart from having to go to school which sucked. I just chilled at home with my family in the sun. I’m going to Les Deux Alpes in one week which is going to be sick, counting down the days !!!

On Thursday and Friday I rode at Cas. On Thursday I rode with Jamie Nicholls, Keith Povah and Big Charlie (Jonny Russel is injured so he cant ride).. I got four new tricks that night and they were cab boardslide, switch back blunt, switch back nose and half-cab 50-50 all on the down bar which I’m stoked about!!! I did a bit of filming as well and made my first ShrEdit of last week and this week. Friday was Parkstrife which was fun but everything got wrecked straight away. I rode with Jordan Gee all night which was fun I got front 5’s dialed on the kicker as well.

Saturday was FBBB at Tamworth. The park was really good there was a side on rail then a box and then a small gas pipe at the start then there was a box then a side on missile then the massive black gas pipe then a rail. Then at the end of the run there was a c-box. I had really good night I got half-cab 5-0’s on the missile and nearly got a back 1 on. I won two t-shirts and a beanie (!). Then at the end of the night I got a bag full of stuff and best of all a years Whitelines subscription. Also Whitelines held a rail jam on the missile which was fun. Sadly Sam Turnbull broke his wrist on the quarter pipe in an awful slam and now he wont be coming to Les Duex Alpes with me 🙁

Heres my 1st ShrEdit …. check the ShrEdit link too …. new site coming soon that’s gonna be sooo cool

This weeks Shred ….

This week I went to Halifax twice. On Tuesday it was quite slow but it was still fun because it wasn’t windy and you could still get enough speed for the kicker. I rode with Sam Turnbull, it started to get foggy at the end which made it a bit faster. Then the next day it was really windy so I kept getting blown across when I hit the kicker which wasn’t very fun but it was still a good night.

Cas on Thursday was a good park because it was bits of the set up for the Standingsideways Sessions for the next night. I learnt frontside 270 onto the side on down box I also learnt frontside 360 on frontside 180 out which I am stoked about. Then on Friday it was the Standingsideways Sessions with features from Jonny Russell, Dom Harington and Stu Edwards. Dom had the pipe of mild peril, Stu had a perfect down bar and Jonny had a kicker to a spine to a down box which was called a Rythmic Razmataz. Overall it was a really good night and the best park we have had at Cas for ages, cant wait for Damo to do another one !

Saturday at Milton Keynes was another big air competition which was also good fun the kickers weren’t the best but it was still good because I rode with Jordan Gee. I landed all my tricks all night and got through to the final, I also landed both my final runs which were a back 3 tail grab and then and backside 540, which in the end was enough to come 3rd overall (all age groups) and won some money which I am stoked about!!!

I’m sure there will be some write ups on both events and I’ll post them here when they come out 🙂


On Saturday Castleford held a new competition called The Sno!Down it was from 5pm till 10pm. I enjoyed this comp because the park was one of the best I have seen at Cas ever ! There were 3 rails at the top then 2 kickers and a gas pipe then another 3 rails then a box. The comp started with a jam session for 2 hours the judges of this were Dom Harington and Wayne Taylor I was in the 12 and under category. The jam session determined who was the winner of the categories after the jam session there was a 1 run final to see who would win out of everyone. Throughout the whole night I rode with Jordan Gee who it was good to see because I haven’t seen him for ages. After the comp there was the prize giving I came first in my category which I was pleased about and I won a bag full of stuff. Also Jordan came 2nd in his which he was pleased about aswell also Dean Horsefield and Sam Turnbull did really well Sam won the overall and Dean won best unsponsored rider which they were really pleased about especially Sam. So overall it was a really good night and park and it was good to see other people doing well.

UPDATE: Couple of nice write ups on the event that mention me, I even got my pic onto the front page of Fear of the Park !!!! here is the Snowboardclub UK review and here is the FOTP review 🙂

A quiet week …

VID00091 Not much gone on this week just been chilling on the trampoline and doing some shredding. I rode @ Cas on Thursday with Keith Povah as usual and we made our weekly shredit (sorry for the bad language!!) thenFriday with Jamie Nicholls, Si Foster Jamie also did a little shredit and I did some filming with Si and Jamie which was fun (read about it here).

When the weather isn’t very cold or wet I can’t really go and ride Halifax because it is slow and they have no water sprinklers turned on, so instead I just go on my trampoline or go skate. On Saturday I went to skate at Skaterbeach which is an indoor skate park in Osbaldwick in York. I had really fun time riding the miniramps there and learning new tricks. But unfortunately it is closing down on the 30th of April so go along and skate before it closes its amzing and has amazing owners.

Also in 5 days I’m going to the boardtest in Kaunteral for a week which will be sick, the pictures of the park look amazing and will get to ride with some folks I haven’t seen for ages ….. so it’s going to be sick!!!

Here is this weeks shredit:

And here is Jamies little edit that I got in: