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Powder at Tux and more!!!

About a week ago it snowed a good foot of snow so me and my dad went up to check it out and we were amazed how much it snowed we did a little bit of hiking and found a sick bit of powder it was so much fun but a bit weird to be riding it in May!

Also the Whitelines Rail Jam right up and video came out which I am in, it was such a fun rail jam and good week! So because it is summer here now it about 28 degrees nearly everyday so we have been going to Aschau a lot to swim in the lake and do some backflips of the bridge. I am going to Camp Of Champions on the 26th of June for a week I can’t wait! I am going for the Stepchild week so maybe I will meet the team! Also I am going back to England for all of August which I am also looking forward to I am going to do some surfing and some skating and then also I am going up to York for a few days to see all my friends which is going to be awesome!!!

Here are some pics and Whitelines report and video:

More Snowboarding Videos

Also here is Will Nangle’s Showreel from this season there are some sick shots so check it out!

New Blog and 4 More Days!!!

Right so my dad has made a new blog which is looking amazing and better than my old blog so check it out! Also I only have 4 more days till I am allowed to start riding again which I can’t wait for it has been a boring 2 and a bit weeks but it had to be done so I can ride again. Yesterday it snowed all day and the day before it did the same which is the first time it has snowed in ages it has snowed about a foot down in the town so I don’t know what it will be like up top but it is about time it snowed!

Team GB Podcast #3

Here is the 3rd podcast of the season from the GB Freestyle team in America, featuring me, Sam Turnbull, Aimee Fuller, Lewis, Jamie Nicholls, Dom Harington, Jamie Nicholls, Gregor Samuels (you know we think of you everyday!), Nate Kern and Sam Cullum – enjoy 🙂

More Snowboarding Videos

Happy Xmas and New Year !

I am back in Mayrhofen now and it is amazing 🙂 I have been riding the park and some piste it has been good fun. The park is sick they have loads of fun rails and two medium kickers and then three big           kickers I have done some threes, fives and sevens which is good off the mediums. Also today I hit the first big kicker and did some back 3’s off it. Also today I went to the top with Archie, Dad and Jordan Gee and rode all the way down and then Jordan had to carry Archie to the Penken lift so we could get down 🙂 The weather has been good for the past few days but it has also been cold I am having a good time out here the park is awsome and there are loads of good riders here I think its going to be a good season!