Back on it!!!

The past two days I have been properly riding park and doing stunts. Friday was sick it was bluebird and 8 degrees and really slushy I rode with Chris Chatt, Jamie Nicholls, David Van Gessel and John Weaver we found the best line in the park and just did that all day it was so much fun! My dad came up and took some photos which look sick!

Then yesterday was fun again we did the same line and I rode with Chatt and Jamie again. It was slushy and red hot again it was a sick day I also learnt blunt to regs on the down bar which I was pleased about.

Here are a few pics that my dad took:


Weaver tweaking out a method!
Me frontside nosepress
Chatt also doing a sick method!
Jamie impressing the locals!
David doing an old school handplant!



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