YEAHHHHH StepChild! YEAHHHHH Hintertux!

So this week has been sick first of all I got put on the StepChild UK Team which I am stoked about !!

Then on Thursday I came out to Hintertux with my dad and Jamie Nicholls for 3 weeks ! Today I got my tirol season lift pass which is sick!!! My dad left his goggles down in the house so he had to go all the way back down from Hintertux to Mayrhofen and get them so I went up with Jamie. We got to the top of the park and the weather wasn’t very good because it was cloudy and I couldn’t see a thing but, there was snow everywhere 🙂 We just cruised through the park having a look at the jumps and riding the rails, the park is so sick! We cruised down to lift station and went to the restraunt and I met Kevin Backstrom and Gerome Mathieu which was pretty cool. After that we met up with my dad again and went riding. At the top I met Wojtek Pawlusiak which was sick! At the bottom of the of the run to the lift there is a big pole jam which was sweet Jamie busted out some huge back 1’s and 3’s and I did some back shifty’s of it you go soooooo big of it and the pipe was mellow but landing was quite flat which sucked.

So today is officially the start of the SEASON!!!!!!!! 🙂

One thought on “YEAHHHHH StepChild! YEAHHHHH Hintertux!”

  1. Left his goggles?

    More like he went back to kiss his Bond jacket and tell it he loves it and will never forget to say goodbye again….

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